Aleksandra Korszuń

Photographer & intermedia artist/ Poland
Since 2015 Aleksandra is an owner of a photo studio, where she has ongoing opportunity to broaden her professional and artistic experience. Her professional passion is image creation with the use of various media: photography, lm, graphic design, internet techniques. The artist is especially focused on what is invisible or of what one is unaware. The theme still present in her works is searching for mechanisms which in influence our choices and decisions. She refers to the body and tensions which appear while performing roles in the context of power and manipulation. Their multitude is a constant challenge and evokes the urge to discover what or who is a man in his essence; where the limit of one SELF-begins and where it ends.  

Julia Valencia

Installation and drawing / Spain
Julia Valencia is an artist and a creative director. Mostly installation-oriented, Julia Valencia examines reality in pursuit of mundane revelation. Her work unravels the magnificence that lies in the ordinary through the design and construction of sacred, intimate spaces. Using appropriation and decontextualization, her installations confer a new interpretation, a different way of experiencing, placing what looks trivial on an altar. Julia Valencia finds essential to spot and remove all the superfluous, worthless layers in order to discover what's truly vital. The conquest of beauty and balance is the ultimate, crucial goal, the impulse enlightening all intentions, making sense across all actions. Beauty matters.

Allison Bernadette Long

Visual artist & singer-songwriter/ Canada
Her work is primarily driven by narrative; touching on themes such as childhood, memory, mental health/wellness, and spirituality.  Allison is an avid believer in a stream of consciousness writing as a means to connect with one's deepest self, and as a source of inspiration and motivation.  Her work varies in media but in most cases entwines or references her writing.  Allison completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts ( majoring in drawing and painting) at OCAD University and also completed a Certificate in Commercial Jazz Music, as a vocal major. 

Yuan Chen

Designer & Photographer / Taiwan
YuAn is a designer who doesn't want to be categorized and limited. She graduated from the Industrial Design Department at Cheng Kung University. She is interested in exploring relationships between identity, symbols, and concepts. For her, it's all about how humans communicate and create with each other, in relation to politics, history, social & culture.

Gergana Nikolova

Painter / Sofia, Bulgaria 
Gergana Nikolova graduated with B.A. and M.A. in Painting from the National Academy of Art, Sofia. She works mainly with painting and her work is driven by different sources – music, books, personal experiences and etc. Gergana also plays the piano and does sports climbing – that reflects on her paintings.

Maya Land

Interdisciplinary artist/ USA
Land is an interdisciplinary artist, dancer, gatherer, and observer interested in exploring relationships between space//place//body//self through diverse media and investigative techniques. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a B.S. in Environmental Systems and minor in Visual Arts. In searching for meaningful communication between disparate layers of a landscape, she has developed tools that engage and play with these forces. From performative interventions to hand-sculpted shapes, her works explore relations of the body to the environment, notions of exteriority/other, touch and gender.

Qinza Najm

Visual Artist / New York, USA
Qinza Najm is a Pakistani-American artist. She completed her Psychology Ph.D. in the United States, which enables her to explore her subconscious and bring it into her artwork. She pursued her fine arts studies at Bath University England and The Art Students League of New York. Drawing from her upbringing in Lahore, Pakistan and adulthood in the United States. Qinza often uses the motif of bodies stretched, deconstructed, distorted and pushed beyond their limit. Qinza's work deals with how notions of gender, political, and cultural power play out across geography and social identification.  Her works range from painting, sculpture, installation and performance art.She has exhibited at Queens Museum, Miami Art Basel, Sikka Art Dubai, Governors Island Art Fair, and Museum of Moving Images. 

Eva Schmitt

Visual Artist / Berlin, Germany
Even though she attended classes and courses in art topics and techniques since childhood she opted for studies in psychology and public health at the beginning of her academic training. During her studies, she concerned and experienced artwork as a media in psychiatric contexts which she consolidated in postgraduate studies in art psychotherapy. After a personal crisis, she turned again to and focused on creative painting. Favorite topics of her work are urban landscapes representing snapshots of modern life concerning the state of minds as inner spaces reflecting in outer spaces and social issues as an environmental condition. As favorite techniques, she uses acrylic, paintings (linoleum cut and diverse materials), mixed media on canvas. She is creating as well silver jewelry, recently in combination with glass (beads), Her newest passions and fields of experimentations are lampwork beads and glass objects as well as weaving.

Ioanna Sakellaraki

Photographer/ Greece- Belgium
Born in 1989 in Athens, Greece, Ioanna currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. She is a graduate of Photography and Journalism and a postgraduate of European Urban Cultures. She documents urban decay and lost architectural ruins and she focuses part of her work on memory and territory. She is very much interested in the relationship between her photography practice and ideas relating to aesthetically "mapping" the historical and contemporary context of relations with global and social systems of power. In the past, she has collaborated with Caters News Agency and she is currently a Contributor for Barcroft Media providing photography content to major global media such as The Guardian, CNN, The Telegraph, Getty Images and others. In the past, she has also worked as a Writer/Editor for cultural websites and Communications Strategist for non-governmental organizations in Europe.


Joshua Watts

Visual Artist and Educator / UAE
Originally from the United States, Joshua Watts received his undergraduate degree from Bradley University and Master of Fine Arts at the University of South Dakota, with a concentration in Printmaking.  He is currently an Associate Professor of Visual Arts at Zayed University in Dubai.  His most recent works compress lengths of time onto a single flat surface that blends multiple moments into a cohesive narrative.  Created using thousands of images collected over the course of many days, these works are amalgamations of emergent behaviors revealed through the passage of time.


Marie Brenneis 

Visual artist / England
 She has a BA in Fine Art & Photography (UEL) and an MA in The Performance and the Body: Dance Theatre ( Trinity Laban). Her sculptural installations are often composed of everyday found objects, which are often painted in bright kitsch colors. The core of her work explores breaking hierarchies of space within the gallery white cube setting and public space. she does this through assemblage, destabilizing the clarity of ontological meaning through her awkward placing of objects and contingent arrangements. As a result, the viewers are suddenly faced with either a breathing totem symbol of the flaws of a contemporary capitalist world or to an entrance of an imagined reality. Currently, she is a Practice based Ph.D. Candidate at London Metropolitan University.


Hannah Carroll Harris

Visual Artist and sculpture/ Australia
Hannah Carroll Harris is a sculpture and installation artist with a background in textiles from Sydney, Australia. Drawing inspiration from the Australian landscape, her practice engages in a process of collection and re-assemblage, working directly with natural materials as well as site-specifically within the landscape.Bringing together disparaging elements, both natural and man-made, her works are a record of her encounters with the environment. Her hybrid sculptures complicate our comprehension of what we classify as natural or unnatural, forcing us to renegotiate our relationship to the world around us.


Victoria Manganiello

Artist, educator & producer / USA
Artist creates paintings by spinning, dying and weaving her own canvases, using materials like synthetic and natural dyes, cotton, silk and other mixed materials. Exploring themes of time, space, technology and history with abstract imagery, her paintings and installations seek to physically control and manipulate space. Created on a floor loom, every millimeter of the material used to form these paintings and installations has passed through her fingers, each mark carefully considered, yet motivated by intuition. Her work often focuses on the mysterious and inspiring results of collaboration both between persons and materials.

Hochul Lee

Visual art / South Korea
Hochul Lee is a visual artist from South Korea who explores the human life and free will.
He creates formative art by using a pottery technique and also enjoys experimenting with mixing different mediums. His artworks made in clay are emphasizing the separated limbs from the body.

Miguel Sopena

Painter & visual artist / Spain
Miguel Sopena is an artist and photographer originally from Valencia, Spain, but now based in London. As a visual artist, his work so far has been mainly figurative, with a strong focus on the human figure, but he has recently started working in an increasingly abstract way, exploring the ground between figuration and abstraction as well as themes of memory and belonging. Miguel works mainly with drawing and painting but employs other media (such as photography and printmaking) so that all these strands of work may inform and cross-pollinate each other.

Fiona O'Neill

Textile artist / Ireland
 Fiona is an artist and designer based in Dublin. While studying Textile Design, she fell in love with embroidery and hasn't looked back since. Through a mixture of traditional Irish craftsmanship and contemporary techniques, Fiona creates distinctive pieces that reflect her playful approach to art. 


Jane Walker

Painter / UK
 Jane’s art practice is an exploration line in 2D work. Having come from a traditional painting background, Jane has reduced painting down to just lines. The lines in her works articulate space. The calligraphic marks she uses have come from drawing dense urban environments from high viewpoints, the marks have become a shorthand for cities.


Jessica Donley

Dancer/ New Orleans, USA
Jessica Donley has been dancing social dances such as Cajun, Zydeco, Swing-Out, Hip Hop and the New Orleans Second Line since she could walk. Jessica has studied ballet, modern and jazz techniques as a way to enter the professional dance world, however, her passion remains for the more organic movement styles. She is keen on learning as many dance forms and rhythms of the African Diaspora in the Americas and in Africa. She earned her BAS from Louisiana State University in Cultural Anthropology and Dance. She lived and served two and a half years in the Peace Corps in Esmeraldas, Ecuador. Jessica has been devising her own movement technique- Organic Contemporary. She is the co-founder of a dynamic non-profit organization, Dancing Grounds.

Anmarie Soucie

Writer & performer / USA
Anmarie Soucie holds a B.A. in creative writing and literature from New York University, and has published poetry, fiction, and non-fiction work in a variety of journals and magazines, including: NYU's Dovetail journal, 3Elements Review, RISE anthology, Hive magazine, Beautiful Bizarre, Resource magazine, Resource Travel, The Lo-Down, and so on. Anmarie's writing follows raw, fractured, and wounded characters, whose darker narratives she aims to give light through the medium of writing.

Manny Yip 

Visual Artist / Hong Kong
Manny is a visual artist and educator who graduated with a B.A. in Fine Art from Hong Kong Art School and RMIT University majoring in Painting. She recalls the human activity and attitude that may have been forgotten in the pressures of metropolitan life. She uses her photographs of human action as the basis of her painting. She believes the subtle hinges represent a person attitude the best. She likes to retain the characteristics of natural materials and human produce with a combination. Each piece has a touch of handmade, or irregularity, that humanizes


Jaxton Su

Visual Artist / Singapure
As an artist who works intuitively, Jaxton specializes in painting and enjoys experimenting with the use of colors in portraying peculiar narratives that delve into the notions of archetypes and the imaginary. He is currently interested in the idea of anthropomorphism of the landscape and how it could bridge a connection between the natural environment and the self. Through his works, he hopes to create a visual utopia that could form a resonation with others and spark an imagination.



Evelyn Wong

Fiction Writer / Canada
Having studied Linguistics and worked in the Marketing industry for the past two decades, Evelyn is now turning to her true love: fiction writing. Fascinated by the world around her, she dabbles in the question of what reality is to different people through her writing. She loves to write science fiction, thrillers, suspense, with a hint of erotica. 


Bethany Walker

Designer & artist / U.K.
Bethany Walker is designer, maker and artist with a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Crafts. She predominantly works in metal and glass to create her work, usually in sculptural form. Every piece she creates tells a story or conveys a message to the viewer. She is interested in all aspects of craft and design, especially how materials react with each other. Currently, she is exploring site-specific work and the role it can play in evoking certain thoughts and feelings.


Patrice Robinson

Photographer / UK
Patrice is a freelance photographer who holds an MA in Art & Design. His work focuses on capturing the environment around him by focusing on the smallest of objects that although unnoticed form an integral piece of the land. His interest is to use the medium of photography as a way to present the relationship between art and the modern world.

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