//a multidisciplinary self-directed residency//

We encourage artists and creative professionals to live, work and explore Bulgaria together. Residents can develop ideas and experiment with different techniques while focusing on a personal project or collaborating with local and international creatives.


Shared studio space is at the city center, located within 10 minutes walking distance from the apartment. The studio is furnished 140m² large space (chairs, tables), including Wi-Fi and all utilities (water, heating, energy, kitchen, toilet etc.). It can be used for different workshops or exhibition.


Co-living together in a five-bedroom apartment which is located in the heart of Sofia, next to the Vasil Levski monument. Every person has accommodated in a private fully furnished bedroom between 15 and 25 sqm. Each room consists of a bed, a nightstand, a desk and a wardrobe. The apartment has a fully equipped shared kitchen, a shared bathroom and a laundry room with a washing machine (free for use), Wi-Fi connection. There is also a shared Living room to eat, talk and have fun together. The studio space is 10 minutes walk from the apartment.


WORLD of CO gives you the freedom to organize your time and provides you with accommodation and a shared studio space, both in the city center of Sofia. 

In addition, the residency program includes:

• Two traditional craft workshops (with possibility to choose additional workshops)
• Guided gallery tour
• Weekly Bulgarian language lesson
• Artists talk – present your art to the local audience;
• Opportunity to use the space for workshops and exhibition;
• Sofia City Guide - a curated collection of art stores, print shops, galleries, museums, restaurants and bars;
• List of art and culture events in Sofia
• List of extreme activities all around the country;
• Bulgarian phone number – SIM card;



Open for established creatives and emerging professionals, from all around the world. The language of instructions is English.


WORLD OF CO is a multidisciplinary residency - our doors are open for all kind of creative people.


The duration of the Residency is between 1 to 6 months, one-month minimum stay.


The monthly residency program fee is  300 euro (including the program, workspace and utility bills) or 650 euro (including the program, accommodation, workspace and utility bills) For shared room by two people, the price is 500 euro


Learn new skills during workshops, offered by local artists and craftsmen. You can choose and add to your program the following workshops:

Traditional carpet weaving, Traditional wool crafts, Corn Weaving, Pottery, Woodcarving, Cyanotype, Screen printing on paper or textile and so on.

The prices vary according to the workshop you choose - from 20 to 50 euro per workshop. A discount applies for a set of workshops.


Bulgaria is a country of contrasts and contradictions. The land is at a crossroad - geographically, historically and politically. The mixture of different influences – Thracian, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, European, Soviet, Balkan and so on, is still visible in the urban structures, architecture, culture, and traditions.



 Bulgaria is an interesting destination where you can discover its’ rich and diverse nature. Whereas it is hiking in the forests and mountains, swimming in the Black Sea or just enjoying the scenic landscapes, you will immediately experience the unique forces of the Bulgarian nature, which will purify and harmonize your mind, consciousness, and spirit. Despite the decrease in population within the Bulgarian villages, they remain the best examples of Bulgarian history. The calm atmosphere mostly stripped of artifice and large tourist groups, are almost essential to visit in order to discover our culture and understand our past. You will witness the local traditions and craft techniques, preserved by the local people. The unique treasure of authentic knowledge and techniques will introduce you to a new world of creative inspiration.


Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, a dynamic city with an interesting mixture of Eastern and Western architecture, culture and lifestyle. It is a city with a rich history and friendly vibes. You can explore its eclectic nature through visiting the archeological sites located in the city center next to monumental communist architecture, the Ottoman urban structures and the gentrification of various areas. Within the essence of Sofia, you can capture many artsy side streets and laneways, public spaces where young people gather, as well as local indoor and outdoor markets. Meeting locals, visiting art events in unique spaces, accompanied by the great food and drinks, will make you remember your stay in Sofia.