World of Collaboration, Contrast, Connection...

World of Co is an initiative inspired by the vivid art scene. After a couple of years living aboard and taking part of different art associations and residencies, the World of Co crew decided to share and bring their experience to Bulgaria – by creating a multidisciplinary Residency Program in the capital, Sofia.  The aim of the Residency is multileveled - from one side, bringing together international artists and creative people to Bulgaria to exhibit, collaborate, learn and share. From another side, to unveil a different perspective of one not-so-well-known country and its’ art potential.

The core - Lidiya Madzharov, Stella Kamenova, Daniel Madzharov


Many thanks to:

Steliyan Steliyanov Mr. Stu - Master of woodcarving. A contemporary artist of sculpture, installation, art furniture, home and body accessories.

Velika Stoeva - Master of traditional craft technique.

Mariya Maneva - Lecturer in Bulgarian

Vitto Valentinov - Bulgarian contemporary artist

Ralica Kamenova - World of Co photographer

Place 167 

SODA Workspaces

House Creative Hub

SeeMeOn 29



Marieta Nedkowa- Master of traditional craft techniques part of the Association of Masters of Traditional Crafts in Bulgaria.