Making Workshop: Creative Technology for Artists and Designers

by Alex Braidwood
Working sessions are for those interested in exploring different ways technology can integrate into an art practice.


one session – 60 minutes


Book a date
Please choose the date of the first session. The dates for the next sessions will be arranged with Alex during the first meeting.


4 block sessions: 375 €
8 block sessions: 680 €

About the workshop?

A 4-session block or 8-session block is ideal for someone wanting to create a project by learning or advancing programming skills. Most commonly, this work will be in Processing or P5js but any of the below are possible alone or in combination:
  • Processing
  • P5js
  • OpenFrameworks
  • Arduino
  • Max4Live
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript(jQuerry)
  • PHP
This could include data visualization, reactive drawing, generative visual compositions, sonification [turning data into sound/music], projection, performance, etc. The magic is, once you get a basic understanding of how code works, your options expand into places you might not have considered.

Do you already have an idea for a project?
Cool, we can start there and help get it off the ground. We’ll talk about what you want to accomplish and develop a plan to make it a reality.

Do you have something you’ve started and want help with?
That works too!

Are you interested in learning some technologies to see where it goes?
That’s awesome. I can help you identify ways in which technology can integrate into your existing practice and then provide resources to help get you there.

Want to make your own custom website?
We can do that for sure and have many options depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. Please note that I won’t help you build a website for a client who is paying you to make their website. This is for helping artists build the skills to create their own websites for a project or portfolio.

What to Expect

  • Introductory demos and tutorials as needed, recorded and in real-time.
  • Troubleshooting assistance.
  • An explorative, playful approach to the process making work.
  • An active questioning of different working methodologies.
  • Discussions of process and the value of thinking-through-making.
  • Development of a plan based on project goals and general interest .
  • Feedback and critique.
  • Time for discussing all manor of arts related topics from theory to practice.
  • Encouragement. Depending on what we are trying to accomplish with our time together, there might be things you’re expected to work on between sessions.
  • Session frequency is flexible based on your goals.

What to bring

Those interested in code for artists & designers working time, be ready with your laptop and the appropriate coding environments installed.

Workshops are done initially with all freely available tools.

The Adobe Creative Cloud will be beneficial depending on the nature of the work and the plans for production.

About Alex

About Alex Braidwood

Alex Braidwood is a sound artist, media designer, and educator who maintains a practice exploring issues of sustainability at the intersection of art and science.
He has been an artist in residence in a remote Australian mountain village, on an Iowa farm, at a mid-western biological field research station, and most recently on Isle Royale National Park. He has exhibited sound art, led workshops, lectured on his work, and performed live at a variety of events and venues throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Alex is currently Director of the Artist-in-Residence program at the Iowa Lakeside Lab biological field research station and Associate Professor at Iowa State University. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology and the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

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