Mentoring Session

With Ida Sophia
Develop, Plan and Learn


60 minutes per session


Book a date

Please choose the date of the first session. The dates for the next sessions will be arranged with Ida during the first meeting.


Individual session – 65 €
4 session block – 240 €
8 session block – 440 €

About the workshop?

Create socially engaged, powerful and enriching situations through this deep dive into participatory art. Beginning with a lecture and moving through active exercises, you will leave with the skills and knowledge to design and create meaningful participatory art.

Who is it for?

Artists at any stage of their career looking to expand their practice ambitions, learn skills in art business, gain resources, templates and ‘how to’ guidance on navigating grants, exhibitions and studio work.

What to prepare?

  • Your goals (short and or long term)
  • General details of a particular project you want to work on
  • Areas you feel stuck and need help with
  • Areas you would like to up skill in: Planning, Arts Admin, Marketing etc
  • Some thoughts on your expectations of the mentorship

What to bring

Waiting info…

About Ida Sophia

About Ida Sophia

Ida Sophia’s practice is centred on using time and the body as her primary materials. Her capacity to safely guide you through actions and process has been honed through extensive training in Europe with esteemed performance artists and institutions including the Marina Abramovic Institute, Guillermo Gomez Pena’s La Pocha Nostra Troupe, The Venince International Performance Art Week with artists Vest&Page, Joseph Morgan Schofield (The Live Art Development Agency UK) and P.A.S (Performance Art Studies) with Johannes Deiming. Ida has also taught artists with the World Of CO artist residency and mentored privately for the past two years. Ida has exhibited and performed locally and internationally and in 2021 was awarded the Centre for Creative Health Art Prize and The Adelaide Critics Circles prizes for their Emerging Artist categories. You can see Ida featured on ABC Artworks (Episode 18) and The ‘Interview with an Artist’ Podcast.

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