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Next Event: 16th June 12:00 GMT
The Basics of Storytelling - lecture with discussion by Ralitsa Kamenova

Next Event:

1st June 22:00 GMT

The Basics of Storytelling - lecture with discussion
by Ralitsa Kamenova

We are on a transformation journey to a virtual artist residency. Along with us are artists from around the globe. Together we are building an inspiring program and series of lectures. Through collaboration, our mission is to embrace creativity at home, encourage curiosity, and enhance connectivity among artists.

Learn from international artists

Enrich your understanding of different art subjects with lectures, discussions and critiques, designed to inspire, facilitate reflection, and improve practice.

Connect and create with new artists

WOC provides artists with the opportunity to create new projects while forming meaningful connections with fellow artists and lecturers.

Present your work to a new audience

The program is curated to give artists the opportunity to present their works through blog posts, WOC social media channels, and networks.

Participate from anywhere in the world

WOC is provides a flexible environment to learn, connect, and explore your practice online. All you need is a good internet connection.

Where artists teаch artists

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WOC Online Residency

  • Cultural program with lectures and discussions by artists and art professionals
  • Individual discussion about your art with established artists
  • Insights into process of artistic research – Series of sessions
  • Building an effective online presence as an artist – Moderated discussions
  • Weekly group discussions on progress and project stages
  • Become part of the constantly expanding online group “WOC Alumni” with around 100 artists from all over the world
  • Online presentation of your projects – at the end of the month (optional)


WOC Lecture Series

For artists and art lovers, WOC established an initiative with online lectures, workshops and moderated discussions, taught by artists.

WOC Lecture Series provides the participants with insights into a vast range of art topics.

If you want to gain new knowledge and get inspired by art professionals, you can enroll in the listed online activities.

WOC Calendar

June 2020

16th June  12:00 GMT
The Basics of Storytelling - lecture with discusion  by Ralitsa Kamenova
17th June  12:00 GMT
The Language of Cinema - lecture and discussion  by Ralitsa Kamenova
19th June  12:00 GMT
Expanded cinema - lecture and discusion  by Ralitsa Kamenova

Тhe Lecturers

Ida Sophia

Performance Artist, Australia

With a practice focused on time-based durational works, sculpture, installation and sound, Ida Sophia weaves the idea of 'Momento Mori' (Remember that you shall die) through her works. Ida uses this narrative to investigate experiences of grief and loss, offering rituals for recovery and renewal through acts of weighted process.
Ida lives and works in Adelaide, Australia.


Victoria Manganiello

Textile Artist, USA

Victoria Manganiello has been featured in Hyperallergic, The New York Times, Boulin ArtInfo, Forbes, and Architectural Digest, among others. Victoria has received multiple international, recognized grants, commissions, and residency appointments including from World of Co, Wave Farm, S&R Foundation, Center for Craft, The Wallstreet Journal, Harvest Works, Silver Art Projects, and AIR Gallery. She has exhibited her work internationally including in Romania, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Croatia, and Italy and throughout the USA including at the Tang Museum, Museum of Art and Design, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, The Armory Center, and the Queens Museum. She is also an adjunct professor at NYU and Parson's the New School. Exploring the intersections between materiality, technology, geography, and storytelling, Victoria's multi-disciplinary and installation work, abstract paintings, and kinetic sculptures are made meticulously with hand-woven textiles using hand-spun yarn and hand-mixed natural and synthetic color dyes alongside mechanical alternatives and modern technologies.

Antonia Dimitrova

Inter-disciplinary Artist, Bulgaria/USA

Antonia is an inter-disciplinary visual artist, and former resident of WOC '18, who has been working between Bulgaria and the USA for the last two years. Her work explores what it means to live life abundantly by examining cycles of life, death and renewal and the narratives of truth that the tensions between them bring, to both personal and collective experience. Her work explores what it means to live life abundantly by examining WHAT cycles of life, death and renewal teach and the narratives of truth that the tensions between them bring, to both personal and collective experience.
“Antonia holds a BA in Printmaking and Art History from Wheaton College, in Massachusetts in the USA. At the moment she is completing her MA in Expressive Arts with EGS - the European Graduate School - in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, where she has worked with pioneers in the field such as Paolo Knill, Margo-Fuchs Knill and Melinda Ashley Meyer.”

Zara Monet Feeney

Visual Artist, USA

Zära Monet Feeney is a gallery and museum curator and exhibiting artist and also a university professor. Her most recent curatorial projects include Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard and the Montalbán Gallery, Hollywood. She has a Bachelors of Art from University of California, Los Angeles and a Master of Fine Arts from Laguna College of Art and Design. She is thrilled to join World of Co Residency, Bulgaria as a Guest Lecturer.

In her own work, Feeney's paintings are published in Huffington Post, Manifest, Juxtapoz, Beautiful Bizarre, Young-Space, Uproxx, Art in America, and Circle Art periodicals. She has been awarded 14 solo shows and 37 selected group exhibitions in the past 5 years, including Museum of Art and History:CEDAR- Lancaster, Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard, Brea Art Gallery, CES Contemporary Gallery, 101 Exhibit Gallery, CMAY Gallery, Mash Gallery, CAP Gallery, Eastern Projects Gallery and Torrance Art Museum. Her credentials also include numerous national and international art residencies and first place honors at juried group exhibitions. She recently placed first (out of over 1,000 applicants) in the state-wide juried painting competition, Made in California. She also recently placed first in the Los Angeles juried competition with LA Artcore Gallery (out of over 700 applicants). She works as a college professor at Moorpark College and California State University, Northridge. Her art studio is based in Los Angeles.

Ralitsa Kamenova

Film Editor & Photographer, Bulgaria

Ralitsa Kamenova is a Bulgarian film editor and photographer. In her work, Ralitsa is always interested in documenting what surrounds us and likes to explore controversial stories in conversation with the audience. She has edited short films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials.


Martin Penev

Visual Artist, Bulgaria

In my practice as an artist I have been involved in various genres - performing arts, dance, media arts, object, installation. As a result, I have extensive experience in various artistic situations, my approach allows for multiplicity, which can be seen in my works. Despite the diversity, a unifying characteristic can be traced - my psychological and anthropological interest in man.

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The Artists

May 2020

Danielle Oh

Multidisciplinary Artist

USA & South Korea

Fiona Boler

Mixed Media

Photo of the artwork from Su Young Park

Su-Young Park

Multidisciplinary Art/Dance

South Korea

Siddharth Pathak

Multidisciplinary artist


The Team

Conversation, connection, collaboration

World of Co Artist Residency was inspired by the vivid contemporary art scene and the cultural treasures around us. Our mission is to develop a collaborative platform for artistic and cultural exchange, empower exploration and foster collaboration. World of Co Alumni consists of more than 100 residents, working in a variety of artistic fields like fine arts, film, literature, fashion, graphic design and etc.