Online Residency Session - 05.01 - 31.01

Ada Wu

Interdisciplinary / China
Ada Wu is an interdisciplinary artist working in sound, installation, and performance. She creates happenings that interrogate the production of silence and truth within systems of control. In the past, Wu’s research investigated the history of totalitarian architectures and their manipulation of body movements. Her current works aim to examine sensations and physicalities of sounds through interferences, vibrations, bodies and spaces. She completed her BFA in Sculpture with a concentration in Computation, Technology and Culture at Rhode Island School of Design, where she is currently pursuing her MFA in Digital + Media. Her works have been exhibited at spaces such as the RISD Museum, Granoff Center at Brown University and Luohu Art Museum in China.

Izzati Faisal

Photography - Digital Art  / Singapore

Izzati Faisal is an emerging artist based in Singapore. She recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Digital Imaging at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She also graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore majoring in Fine Art Photography in 2018. Intrigued by the cultural aspects and beliefs of her born race, she investigates keenly on the voices of a community and analyses existing social issues by twisting perspectives and showing satirical approaches in her works. Izzati's photographs often portray narratives and symbolism. Her works has been exhibited at The 2nd Quanzhou (Huaguang) International Image Biennial & Fujian Huaguang Photographic Art Museum, Quanzhou, China, 15th Jeonju Photo Festival, Jeonju, Korea, 'The Future is Now: Bandung Photography Triennale 2022', Bandung, Indonesia and National Gallery Singapore.

Yulin Yuan

interdisciplinary artist / China

Yulin Yuan is an interdisciplinary artist based in Virginia, Chinese-born and South Africa-raised. She concentrates in collage, video, and photography, exploring identity, and mythology through family history and community. Yulin's work deconstructs intimate spaces through performance and image-making based on her immigrant experiences. She obtained her BFA at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and is now an MFA candidate at James Madison University in the United States.

EmilyMc Lennan

Visual artist / UK

''Thriving community networks realised taking less from the planet brought so many more benefits; loneliness was rare." I am inspired by the way nature is interconnected, the complex systems in place that support balance, the way mycelium communicates through the roots of trees providing a network of intergenerational support. Through my artwork I want to inspire people to see degrowth as a positive philosophy that can support people and the planet to thrive in the future and to connect with the beauty of nature. My paintings are displayed with a series of short statements from the future. By creating these fictional future statements alongside bright and positive paintings I hope to inspire people to ask what they can do now to make connections. To start small, build their community, improve resilience, create tangible improvements that can inspire politicians of the future. Culture is often cited as upstream of politics, I hope that my work is one step in the journey of shifting the Overton window towards a just and equitable future living within planetary boundaries.

Hannah Bianchini

Digital artist  / USA

Recording my own uncensored thoughts and images from the unconscious mind, I use digital art tools to render dreamscapes that immerse the viewer in a super-reality. My work explores what makes a place familiar, and how we perceive existence in liminal spaces. My artwork serves as an investigation into the nuances that make up the relationship between the environment and the inhabitant.

Dimelza Broche

Visual artist / Cuba - USA
As a disabled female artist, my work is focused on the relationship between my disabled body and the standards for beauty and normalcy. With my paintings, I am opening the door to much-needed dialogue about this issue, inviting the viewer to step into my world to join me in the journey of appreciating what differs from the norm. I use my body as the starting point to display the disabled experience, however, my intention is not to simply represent my physical disability but to place the viewer in my perspective and show them how I perceive my body and that of others from my wheelchair, and vice versa. By doing this, I present the viewers with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the disabled figure, challenging them to reconsider not just beauty standards but the functionality of the body as a whole. Through my paintings, I am taking on the challenge of inspiring people through dignity and not pity. It is about showing the disabled body as a body that though it can look different and be perceived as dysfunctional still can perform plenty of normal activities just as anybody else.

Jennifer Reynolds

Visual artist  / Irleand

Jennifer Reynolds (b.2001)is a visual artist currently based in Dublin, Ireland. With a background in Art Film, she is currently completing a BA in photography in the Institute of Art Design and Technology in Dublin. Heavily centered on existential wondering, her work centers around nature. She captures the natural beauty of the world around her with a meditative and non-invasive approach. She explores human connection (or nowadays, more so disconnection ) with nature and questions our place in the world. She hopes through her photographs, she will re-ignite people's love and connection to nature and help us realize that we are all a part of it, instead of a separate entity.

Mollie-Rose Chislett

Visual artist  / Australia

Mollie-Rose Chislett is an emerging artist living and working in the city of Melbourne (Naarm), Victoria, Australia. She received her BFA from RMIT University in 2022. The artworks Mollie-Rose creates consider the relationship between animals and humans within an Australian context. Emphasis is placed on understanding the animal experience within themes of urbanization, species adaptation, biophilia, and the Anthropocene. Her works utilise the animal body to unpack and explore narrative connections between the relationships of animals and humans. Both together and with the landscape. The works contemplate the contexts of Aestheticization and Natural History. Within the works, Mollie-Rose creates there is a fluid transition between the subject matter and how it comes to be represented through different mediums, such as paintings, drawings, and altered objects. These works push the representation of the animal body, transforming it into a vessel for communication and awareness.

Gordon Lewis

Visual artist & music / USA
Gordon Lewis's approach to art is to use the materials at his disposal to create artwork that depicts images from deep within his psyche. He visualizes his own stylistic crafting to create artwork that is unusual, interesting, psychedelic, and original. Within the realm of his creative life, he hopes to use his designs to convey imagery that evokes a new way of thinking and understanding.


Visual Artist / Berlin
Originating from her interest in astronomy and astrophysics, as well as her passion to create, Berlin based artist Niamh-Erin Cusack explores our solar system through astronomical research, abstract visuals and contemporary design. With an urge to experiment and explore, Niamh-Erin displays her thought process through paint, photography, sculpture and public installation. She questions her surroundings, therefore using the medium that fits best to project her contextual and scientific research. Born in West Ireland, Niamh-Erin Cusack comes from a rural agricultural background, therefore using the empty space in her paintings to represent her lack of knowledge growing up when trying to identify our planet through scientific forms. Niamh-Erin has exhibited her work in Ireland, Germany and Spain and graduated from Dublin's National College of Art and Design in 2019.

 Frances Allen

Sound artist / USA
"Music should allow for experiences that are spatial, almost spiritual in nature." Sound is a healing modality and a commodifiable phenomenon. Inspired by the ancient Temples of Sleep, Panpsychism, and ritual music, Yew Haiku crafts meditative pieces in addition to dabbling in pop in the spirit of exploring sound as an interactive and powerful tool for healing and dreaming. Her ambient work integrates a frequency layer, binaural patterns, and environmental samples with sine wave dreamscapes that are made for meditation or daily rituals. This is music that presupposes an audience of the lone individual in vigil or healing spaces. This is sound for sacred wells and ephemeral grail castles, where the wounded can transcend a virtual reality through virtual listening, embracing, and transforming human centers. Pairing visuals with sound is a creative imperative for Yew Haiku's Fuschia Smith, who creates visuals for each piece released to a public forum.

Vicki Ying Shi

Visual artist / China
''I am a Toronto-based freelance artist, fearlessly venturing into the depths of large-scale mixed-media paintings to explore feminist themes. My artistic practice is an adventure of textures, as I am constantly pushing the boundaries of different materials and relishing in the collision of their unique characteristics. With fervent passion, I use my art as a platform to address issues related to gender equality and my cultural roots, often weaving themes of Chinese culture, language, and identity into my work.''

Inga Frick

photography & multimedia / USA
'I graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz and then went on for an MFA in painting from the University of Pennsylvania I later earned a second MFA from the University of Maryland in digital media. My paintings were included in the Corcoran Museum's biannual survey of American painting in 1993. Around that time I began to explore video installation together with Gillian Brown. In 1999 we were awarded a fellowship from Harvard University, where we worked for a year on a technically and conceptually complex interactive video installation, Turnaround Time. My formal art career ended in 2008 when my husband was severely brain-damaged. The next 13+ years were given to caregiving, first for my husband and then my mother. I never stopped working on my art but I did stop showing. Now I'm back. Working full time and ready to boogie.''

Siddharth Pathak

Multidisciplinary artist / USA
Siddharth Pathak, a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist from India has expanded his practice from Painting to adaptable and transformative Installations, Experimental Audio, Film & Video, Participatory Art as well as Performance Art and Writing the last 8 years. He works in a variety of mediums, bound only by exposure to specialized techniques, which he consciously learns and puts into application on a continuous basis through his projects. With his work, he explores themes of Recovery from Trauma in an attempt to document Unconscious Conflict. Through investigations into the ways of the human mind, heart, and the method of life he attempts to capture the passage of time taken for inner change and transformation; his raw material constituting the moments between cycles of “being” and “otherness”. This last year has noticed marked gravitation in his approach towards Sound and Audio driven artistic exploration and has added Sound Art, Musique Concrète as well as a study of Compositional Music to his wide-ranging practice.

Laura Corallo-Titus

Painter / USA
These paintings address changing perceptions toward landscape, the environment and our place in the world. Initially I was struck by the sense of permanence, vastness and grandeur of traditional landscape painting. In contrast, our contemporary vision is usually momentary; ( a view from a car, plane, train, film), fragmentary and distracted. Traditional depictions of the land and sea display a sense of power, stability, strength…a place to be conquered or conquer. Our dialogue around the environment now is of fragility and impermanence, destruction and loss. Our views of the passing world are frequently distorted from the glare of a window, a flash of artificial light, the editing of a photograph, political divisiveness. In these paintings the physical space begins to recede in importance. In its place nature acts as a conduit to an increasingly disordered and disorienting world view. Place and perspective continue to disassociate from a given image. Natural colors lie uncomfortably next to neon. The shape of the canvases may begin to take on the effects of the environment in which they come from. My intent in all of this is to mirror the discord in our current realities.

Henry Detweiler

Interdisciplinary / USA
'My work, in various ways, is critically positioned within systems and flows of information. With it, I ask the questions: what happens when atomized personal data is made tangible? Is there inherent aesthetic potential in the technologies of mass surveillance? What happens to interpersonal trust when all that was private is public? What is our responsibility to each other when history is negotiable and revisable? What might it be like to have a pain-free past? What would it look like to cry? Maybe this time I'll use an AI to find out. Or maybe a paintbrush. Recent projects have used personal and public archives to arrive at possible solutions." Currently living in Berlin, Detweiler has exhibited work extensively in the US and internationally. He holds a BFA in Drawing Painting and Printmaking from Georgia State University (2012) and an MFA in Photomedia from the University of Washington (2021). He has work held in the permanent collection of the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

Jingyao Shao

New media / China
Jingyao Shao is a Chinese new media artist based in Brooklyn, who speculates different dimensions of self-perception through installations, performances, sound, and research. With individual and collective narratives, her works aim to evoke present conversations about the architecture of interpersonal relationships, across the spectrum from isolation to connection. She is a memory archiver, conscientiously examining in retrieval and morphosis of what has been left in the past, and planting it in new mediums through her practices. She is curious about what memory resonates among people and seeks to build invisible ties to people and space with her cultivation. Her work is also influenced by her reflections and questions on culture and gender structures, both looking back on cultural nostalgia and forward to future bodies.

Ryan Zogheb

Painter / USA
''By attempting to reach absolute perfection in myself and in my works, my paintings primarily focus on symbols of beauty in a means to either dispel beauty standards or bring viewers, and myself, into an eerie space of self-reflection. The process of creating my works holds unconscious truths about reflection and comparison, making the appreciation of the process a vital step in my artistic practice. With the strive for perfection, feelings of inadequacy and fragmentation shine through and dominate most outcomes. In discovering that perfection cannot be reached, I refute the image and embrace the unconscious.''

Sara Khalid

Designer / Saudi Arabia
''I imagine the world through the sixteen seas of poetry; the voice in me is eternal echoes of oral history. Sara Khalid is a Multidisciplinary Designer; who uses her Arabic-spirited and research-driven processes to develop her set of works Hyperlink. In her practice, she aims to find the composing thread between her roots and the links she clicks to navigate the digital narrative. As she carries her poetic mind through design, she's plotting analogies of Arabic Language and Computer Languages in Digital Rhetorics. To me, to communicate eloquently is the human intrinsic attribute; it is the voice of his consciousness, the reflection of his mind, and the shape of his soul. In the Holy Quran, Allah (SWT) said: "Created man, [and] taught him eloquence" that a human is a word embodied, a manifestation of deep-seated culture. Today, our voices are buried in information inflation and the passive demand to share; cross-culture communication is also "lost in translation". This being said, how can we redesign digital platforms to provide the means and techniques to creating contextual knowledge?"

Kayoko Nakamura

Multidisciplinary Art / Japan
 ''Data consists of "facts and statistics gathered for reference or analysis".Data gives us information and knowledge through qualitative or quantitative variables. Data tells us many stories.
I transform data into images and sounds, representing a different aspect of data as art. Invisible images buried in the numbers in the data are transformed into abstract images,
animated with movement, and visualized, and likewise, inaudible sounds become music. I embark on an unknown artistic journey with the data.

Anastasia Scala

Visual Artist / Austrelia
''I’m a fine artist and painter with a background in illustration, living and working in Perth, Western Australia. Previously I have studied and practiced in New York and London, before returning home to Australia to complete my Master’s degree in Fine Art. My goal in recent years has been to evoke both empathy and a sense of stories being passed on through generations in my paintings. To do this, I often incorporate history and mythology into my works, to create connections between myself and historical artists. Research outside of painting is therefore an important aspect of my practice. I engage in a lot of reading and writing to broaden my understanding. I pair this with an expressionistic application of colour and texture. It is possible to trace the artist’s process through brush strokes and imperfections, forming a connection between artist and audience. I want my choices to be obvious in my paintings, from the application of thick paint to vibrant colours selected to assault the viewer’s senses. This process lets the audience feel connected to audiences of the past and makes distant figures from history and mythology feel relevant to contemporary life. ''

Rodjiana Munoz

Photography / USA
Rodjiana Munoz is a Los Angeles based commercial photographer who specializes in branded content and live music photography. Her participant-observer approach to the medium elicits wonder and awe, always inviting the viewer in for a closer look. This body of work focuses on themes of the American road trip, minimalism, the modern nomad, and the unrelenting beauty of nature and human connection. Each photograph depicts a lifestyle punctuated by the in-between moments of discovery and provides a lens into what it's like to live life unplugged. Travel was always a way for her to be fully immersed in the pursuit of artistic freedom – to create storytelling photographs that feel alive. To capture the extraordinary in the ordinary. With this collection, Munoz's primary aim is to help people aspire to collect moments and experiences rather than things.

Jia Jia

Interdisciplinary art / China
My artistic practice has been influenced by my experience of living, studying and working between China and America. I am curious both about personal emotion and about the larger factors at work in social and cultural contexts which influence individuals deeply. I am interested in how technological developments bring about synchronization and globalization in communication. Topics I explore and challenge the audience to experience in my work include: What do we receive from the image world? How do different media interact? How can we understand that truism that “seeing is believing” in a contemporary context, and how is that belief made real at the level of our bodies and senses?

Autumn Nicole

Visual Artist / USA
Autumn Nicole is an emerging artist based out of Southern California and received her BFA from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo in 2020. Nicole's works aim to help others engage audiences in vulnerable conversations. She uses her work as a way to bridge intimacy gaps and foster thoughtful conversation. Her portrayals include visual puzzles that encourage an audience to solve and unravel hidden narratives. The ideas portrayed expand on intimacy and relationships. These themes often convey abstracted or distorted versions of memories. Her paintings are primarily composed of dark cool colors, and highly contrasted scenes. These depictions create a sense of alienation and rigid withholding of the subjects that they depict. Using paintings and works in felt, Nicole calls attention to areas of society that are glossed over. These glimpses often feature experiences of adversity or encounters with the subjects she depicts. Leaning into memory as an idea itself, the way it constantly shifts and moves like sand through the fingertips, becoming a continuous and intangible enigma.

Lydia Tyburski

Visual Artist / USA
''I am a visual and digital artist primarily working with narrative psychological themes. I enjoy working with a variety of mediums and hope to explore more depth of topics during the residency. I graduated from school with a degree in painting in 2010. Since then I have focused on developing a variety of skills in the professional world which I hope to incorporate into my work as I dive back into working with my favorite mediums. I also enjoy the humorous side of life and hope to make more work that speaks to our inner divine fool.''

Xiaoyi Gao

Visual artist / China
Influenced by the rapid urban transitions in China she has experienced since her childhood, Xiaoyi Gao (@xiaoyigao_) is drawn by the intimacy brought by different subjects that coexist in public and private spaces. Her work is greatly inspired by everyday life and urban public infrastructure. Gao's visual language introduces the viewers to her observation of both private and collective experiences hidden in changes brought by social media and technology. Physical motions, carried through her own and others' bodies, appear in several of her pieces, displaying her inspection of intimacy between people. Usually captured in films, performances and installations, narrations of personal memory are also a recurring theme in Gao's work. She collects photos, audio recordings, films, text messages or letters to use as her materials.

Lisa Hennig-Olsen

Interdisciplinary artist / Norway
'“My interdisciplinary practice moves between the ephemeral and temporal, consisting of academic research amalgamated with a material and bodily investigation taking form as performance art, moving image, painting, and sculpture. Probing ethical discourses, I create activist and feminist statements and edutainment through task creation, physical and spatial scores, and experiments.” Lisa holds an MA in Contemporary Art Practice from the Royal College of Art, London, and has studied Fine Arts and Design at Parsons School of Design, New York. In June, Lisa has a solo exhibition at 4Bid Gallery in Amsterdam presenting her ongoing performance for the moving image project Body of Evidence: “As we are flesh, so we are transient and ephemeral. Or are we? The lines of our synchronous existence in the physical and digital realms are becoming gradually indistinguishable, our transition from human to cyborg has begun. By shedding our corporeal bodies, we start to shed pre-existing conceptions of identity. Ethical discourses are of the utmost importance for our generation as we have the possibility of creating a new world and new humanity, in a way that is drastically different from our predecessors. Could we consider ourselves human without a tangible body? What would it mean to gain new senses through artificial sense design? How might our developments enable synergy between humanity and nature?”

Suzi Garner

Мulti-media artist / USA
Suzi Garner is a multi-media artist focusing on social practice and video installation. She received a BFA in Photography from UH Manoa in 2002. From 2002-to 2013 she lived in Vietnam working with ethnic minority populations on photo-documentary and heritage preservation projects. She received an MA in Heritage and Sustainable Development in 2008 and moved to the Bay Area in 2013. Using recycled materials, light and shadow, and found or natural objects she collaborates with individuals, communities, and the environment to create situations that are documented with photography, text, audio, and video to create installations and performances. She sees her work as a vehicle for evolving her relationship to the community and the environment. Current themes include amplifying the voices of unhoused community members, reflecting on the power of the land around the I-580 freeway, and exploring the challenges of motherhood.

Emily Moores

Visual artist / USA
''My art work investigates the playful movement of a body as essential to understanding and experiencing spaces or objects. I transform a space into a whimsical and immersive environment using colorful patterns, textures, and ornamentation. Play increases energy and releases positive endorphins. My goal is to use the movement of an individual's body to empower their imagination. Simply looking and observing abstract art is play.''

Lisa Moriarty

Mixed-media artist
''I work primarily with encaustic medium and bees wax on both cradled wood panels and salvaged wood pieces. The unique properties of encaustic medium; warmth, movement, texture, and scent of the wax all captivate me. A repetitive meditative process has been central to my creative practice. My process primarily combines the free flow formation of encaustic monotypes along with the carefully planned repetitive assembly of paper relief. Recurring themes reference water in all forms and is a central source of inspiration and imagery in my works. I utilize color, texture, light, and many built up layers to represent and communicate my love and fascination with California coastal beach elements. Waves, sunlight, sea smoke, sea foam, tide pools and fog are all sources of inspiration. Layers of flowing encaustic medium, beeswax, and pigments communicate what is seen, what is veiled, the unseen, and that which lies beneath and imagined. The deconstruction of monotype paper swatches assembled into paper relief works communicate fragmented and imprecise memories. My desire is not to overwhelm the viewer with my perspective but to offer a gentle suggestion and an opportunity for them to connect on their own terms.''

Jennifer Bean

Mixed - media artist / Spain
I am a mixed-media abstract painter with a love of color, mark, and form. I have no singular way of starting a painting. Instead, the image evolves thru subconscious choices based on years of experimentation in mark-making. I generally start with a loose fluid drawing on the canvas, which I build with paint. As a child, I would find patterns and shapes in clouds or cracks on the ground, an obsession I have carried into my art-making practice. Through my process, I intend to convey that I am the organizer of the naturally occurring chaos resulting from automatic mark-making. When I work on a painting, I find patterns in the randomness; some I chose to eliminate while others I decided to enhance. My work is a balance between automatism and consciously directed mark-making. In my work, you will notice many organic oblongs and circular shapes in an assortment of intuitively mixed that create abstract worlds on my canvas. I believe they evoke feelings and emotions within the viewer.

Nuria González Alcaide

Visual artist / Spain
Nuria González Alcaide is a self-taught visual abstract artist based in Barcelona, Spain. She works from painting to screen printing and installation. She has carried out a Contemporary Art workshop at the Metàfora Academy in Barcelona and is currently taking online courses taught by MoMa (USA). Now, Nuria is exploring the use of color and how it behaves when seeing its transformation on the canvas with a daily work of observation. The painting is made up of very expressive gestures and a lot of layers, resulting in textured strokes that evoke the emotions that she has hidden for years. She finds a lot of inspiration from contemporary New York artists like Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning and Josef Albers.

Kim Karpanty

Movement artist, choreographer / USA
Kim Karpanty is an accomplished movement artist, filmmaker and educator who is based in the USA. Her interdisciplinary and collaborative projects investigate and bring to the fore social, cultural, and deeply personal issues based on real-life stories. She challenges her viewers with intellectual, visual and visceral experiences that are life-affirming and life-changing to unite diverse peoples and communities. For the last several years Kim has opened her training, teaching and creative processes to improvisational and contemporary European practices that have expanded her concept of live performance. She continues to perform globally as a soloist, creates/restages work as a commissioned guest artist, and advocates for longevity, justice and women in dance. Her current passion project is a dance film portrait about the life and legacy of jazz dance master teacher and teacher trainer Lynn Simonson. The film is in post-production and is temporarily titled "Lynn Simonson: Dancing Soul."

Jojin Van Winkle

Multidisciplinary artist / USA
Jojin Van Winkle is a multimedia artist, writer, cinematographer, producer, educator, and activist. Her film, video, photography, and audio research centers around the practice of listening, focused on resilience, environmental stewardship, and the human condition. Her recent and ongoing work, The Destruction Project, was the subject of a solo exhibition at MMoCA (Madison Museum of Contemporary Art) October 2020–April 2021. This ongoing, multimedia, documentary-based project examines the roles of destruction and its counterpoints of resilience in rural areas. Through theatrical imagery, she investigates ways destruction and growth intersect with choice, change, and violence (natural and human-made), impacting everyday existence. The core of her practice is the process of documenting individuals, places, and objects revealing their stories and uncovering social implications.

A Young Lee

Visual artist / Korea
A Young Lee is a visual artist based in Seoul, Korea. She is interested in language, communication, and emotions. Her works use typography and a new language she created. Lee's works do not suggest certain ways to read nor meaning behind her paintings because she respects and welcomes all the experiences and feelings people had, just like verbal communication does. The title of her works becomes the subject of the conversations, and colors, texture, and shapes tell her stories. Viewers read or feel her works through their imagination, experiences, and so on. This circumstance is the ideal communication- no boundaries and no limits- that she desires. Lee received BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design in 2016 and an MFA in Fine Art from the School of Visual Art in 2021.

Vilma Leino

Photographer / Finnish
Vilma Leino is a Finnish-born, Berlin-based photographer. She was born in 1999 and has been using photography as a medium since 2015. Her work focuses on self-portraiture, which she uses to reflect inner emotions, solitude, memories, and personal experiences. In her work, she creates female characters with untold stories and experiments with strong color schemes, composition, and the human body. The photographs often balance between beauty and horror, and she uses humor as an aspect to lighten up darker subjects. Her photographs are a one-woman show, where being in control and the fear of losing it are in constant dialogue, forming a story about personal growth, where fears are forming into strength.

Bryan Robertson

Visual artist / USA
Robertson is a visual artist based in Arizona, USA. He holds an MFA in painting and drawing with distinction from the University of Washington, Seattle. Robertson has received several university and non-profit grants to support his research and held solo exhibitions in commercial and non-profit spaces. He has presented at national conferences, including the College Art Association, Foundations in Art: Theory and Education, SECAC, and the New Media Caucus. His recent exhibitions include digital paintings at the CICA Museum in Gimpo, South Korea, and experimental sound and video work at the Museum of Contemporary Art Long Island. Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Bryan Robertson's paintings and digital art are poetic visual language. The rhythmic quality of his palette and mark-making beat on the aesthetics humming below the surface of human experience. Concerning today's digital experience, Robertson seeks content that explores the relationship between information and authority.

Kiki Klimt

Painter / Slovenia
Kiki Klimt has researched and created in a visual language for more than 30 years. She graduated from painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1997. Three years later, she finished her master degree in sculpture, and in 2009 got a doctorate in art. For years she lectured at the Faculty of Design, and she is still lecturing at Arthouse Ljubljana. She has also lectured abroad; in Istanbul, Lisbon, Sofija, etc., and attended many conferences and symposiums. Since 1994 she has participated in several joint exhibitions at home and abroad. Her works were present in galleries in New York, Berlin, Zagreb, Ljubljana, etc. She experimented on conceptual art, photography, performance, installation, illustration and design. In the last years, she has been returning to the tradition of painting. For the last seven years, she has been developing a unique way of painting based on ancient knowledge, contemporary science and her study and experience. Painting with light combines the physical, emotional and rational aspects of painting. She paints in the opposite direction than most painters do. Instead of applying lighter or darker shades generated by an external source of light, she uses colours in their internal irradiation, their inner light. She just removes material and replaces it with the light that lies within the atom.

Fatima Al Romaithi

Visual artist / UAE
Fatima Al Romaithi is a visual artist based in the United Arab Emirates. She has obtained a B.A. in Art and Art History in 2020 from the University of New York Abu Dhabi (NYUAD). Al Romaithi is currently exploring themes of vulnerability, shame, and authenticity through emotionally charged portraits. Her larger-than-life portraits aim to confront the viewer and create dialogue amongst the audience. In her practice, she uses a variety of mediums including, but not limited to, graphite, acrylic paint, and mixed media. In the future, she plans to pursue an MFA degree to be able to teach college-level art.

Maya Czeneszew

Interdisciplinary artist / USA
Maya Czeneszew is an interdisciplinary artist and student based in Minneapolis, MN. She explores themes such as history, music, and remembrance through her artworks, and is inspired by the interplay between these elements. She is also greatly inspired by the interplay between history and the natural world and seeks to represent this connection through painting, photography, and writing. She is currently working on projects exploring the intersection between nostalgia, history, obscurity, and change within the context of historical developments in Eastern Europe

Taline Balian

Multidisciplinary artist / UAE
Taline Balian is a multidisciplinary visual artist who experiments around Social Media Faces. Through Portraits, she attempts to offer an alternative engaging experience, in the midst of the simulated happiness offered by the virtual platforms, eager to fulfill the viewer’s emotional and immersive needs. Affected by this collective numbness, she was led to hooking even more with the need to do as much as it could possibly be done with her own hands. With the emergence of both organic and synthetic materials, she attempts to fight back against the overflow of the heavy illusion of that polished reality. Since 2016, Taline has joined PACE, a platform for artistic collaboration and experimentation, taking part in the Artist CoLab and Experimental Art in Context. Her work was on display since 1998 in Lebanon, Cairo, Milano, London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and New York. In 2019, she took part in the Biennale of Contemporary Art 2019: Universal Data - An exploration of our digital presence at MACAM Modern And Contemporary Art Museum – Lebanon. In 2020, she presented her installation piece This Is Not Immersiveness, on Social Media Addicts who lost their abilities to be immersed at Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery Dubai. Her latest work Social Media Faces (2021) is an interactive video installation commissioned by World Art Dubai 2021.

Miriam Sagan

Writer - poet / USA
I am a poet and writer.  My themes are often site specific, and address ecosystems and the Anthropocene.  I work in a creative duo, Maternal Mitochodtoa, with my daughter Isabel Winton-Sagan, a multimedia artist.
The images are of a work in progress. The piece is: Desiccation: Dormancy: Deluge
Made out of recycled materials, this site-specific land art sculpture will be the inaugural piece at a new open-air gallery in Santa Fe called "The Poetry Yard," a place to celebrate poetry, sculpture, and performance.
It is three tree trunks, covered in the bottle caps of baby formula. The poetry text is (there was a triangle) between me, G-d, and the water. Isabel dropped off the first bit and essentially just created the triangle. The words will appear on small metal signs.”

Geneva Hutchinson

Interdisciplinary artist / USA
Geneva is a visual artist working in a variety of mediums, such as photography and installation. She received her BFA from Clemson University in South Carolina in 2019 and is currently working towards her MFA at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. Her work is based around purity culture and sexual assault - and how women cope and deal with this abuse. Her work aims to “RECLAIM”, to reclaim her own mind, body, and power, as well as hopefully provide this empowerment to other survivors.

Kikuko Sakota

Painter / USA
Kikuko Sakota uses acrylic paints because they are water soluble environment-friendly, dry fast, flexible, and produce great colors. They are similar to water color but they do not melt and mix on the surface so it is possible to apply layers over and over again. She developed abstract style using layers of paints and in some cases using adsorbent. Her attempt is to create transparency and depth by applying thin acrylic layers like pouring and staining and to add subtle nuance by manipulating brush strokes. She is trying to express the landscape in her mind, in other words, the sense of multiple time space passing by.  The moments depicted are music, feelings in the heart and mind, and the particular moment in the past and future. She wants viewers to feel something in common with her work so that they can become absorbed and lost in a moment.

Adrianna Kinal

Mixed media artist / USA
Adrianna Kinal is a professional mixed media portrait artist based in Los Angeles. She earned her Fashion Design degree from FIDM and worked for 15 years in the apparel industry before switching to an art career. Her fashion experience influences her portraits, where she employs processes unique to the apparel industry. These include hand embroideries, screen printing, appliqués, and beading. Kinal is currently working on a body of work exploring beauty notions inspired by the famed Hollywood makeup artist Max Factor's story. She is experimenting with makeup as a painting medium and collaging photos, painting and embellishing silver screen movie stars with modern-day makeup techniques. These textures captivate the viewer's attention while the subject's gaze confronts. Her use of multiple-layered collage questions whether the person portrayed is hiding or enhancing their appearance with makeup. Integrating past beauty icons with the present leads to her titling the series "From the Silver Screen to the Digital Screen". Kinal works with individual clients on custom commissions. Her artworks are in private collections in the United States, Canada, the UK, and the United Emirates. To date, she has created over 300 portraits. Her artwork continues to be published and featured in galleries and museums globally.

Liz Moore

Fiber artist / USA
Dragged through the hallway of her memories, Liz Moore's felt paintings, sculptures and installations depict abstract landscapes of her southern upbringing. Through the diffusion of form, color, and decorative objects, the works indulge in a constant state of becoming. Through material instability and bewildered color palettes, Moore creates conflicting chaos. Through scale, both large and small, the work invites the viewer to be entranced in their fluffy narratives, jeweled wall molds and cotton candy-like tapestries. In 2018 Moore received her BFA from the University of Kentucky and earned her MFA at Washington University in St. Louis in the midst of the 2020 panic. Moore has been a part of numerous group exhibitions including Intersect Chicago represented by re. riddle gallery, The Kemper Museum in St. Louis, Miami University Hiestand Gallery, The Textile Fiber Biennial in St. Louis, as well as Site: Brooklyn gallery in New York. She currently lives in Atlanta, GA, and has a solo show in August 2021 with re. riddle gallery.

Emily Docheff

Visual artist / USA
Emily Docheff is a Boston based visual artist focusing her work on imagined family history. Using inviting and playful imagery, her work descends into a more accessible and dream-like experience of what could be trauma or loss. Often, her work will hint to the personal experience of femininity with a watchful presence taking the form of a masculine shadow, a familial ghost, or versions of herself and other women. Emily is utilizing her time with World of Co researching her family's history in Bulgaria and incorporating imagery sourced from a collection of family photos dating back to 1919; ultimately aiming to create a body of work dedicated to her grandfather and building a world for memory to exist.

Billy Dietz

Visual artist / USA
Billy Dietz's paintings and drawings depict the guilt-ridden psyche of a fictional priest. Father Mark feels plagued with lustful thoughts for a parishioner, then abstracts these musings and tries to transcend his earthly longings. In this way Dietz explorers spiritual aesthetics, the Catholic imagination, and abstraction as a psychological and ideological lens. In 2016 Dietz received his BFA in visual arts from the University of North Dakota and earned his MFA in studio arts at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Rerick has been part of various group exhibitions: the North Dakota Museum of Art, Sugar Gallery in Arkansas, Bascom Center for the Arts in North Carolina, Foley Gallery in New York,  ZG Gallery in Chicago, ShockBoxx Gallery in Hermosa Beach California, and Studio Montclair Gallery in New Jersey. Currently, he lives and works in San Antonio Texas, and is a semi-finalist for an art Fulbright to Bulgaria.

Camillia Elci

Multidisciplinary artist / USA
Camillia Elci identifies as a multidisciplinary artist, leaning towards sculpture. She is currently focusing her work on herself as the subject through performance art and digital photo/video. Her practice has become a big factor in how she works through the struggle of dealing with mental illness. Currently an MFA candidate at James Madison University in Virginia. Receiving her BFA from George Mason University in 2017

Andrea Cardenal

Painter / USA
Andrea Cardenal is a third-generation Latin American artist, based in Miami, the USA. Her paintings have been exhibited in various international art shows. She cites spontaneity as being at the center of her works, as they express personal emotions, contemporary societal issues, and explore her thought processes. Cardenal's artistic process is both fluid and organic, she allows concepts to emerge from her subconscious while also searching for harmony within the elements of her creations. Her works were represented by multiple international galleries including Galería Gaudí, Van Gogh Gallery, Florence Contemporary Gallery, and White’s Art Gallery.

Chun Wang

Multimedia Artist / USA
Chun Wang is a Chinese-born, New York-based artist, technologist, and independent curator. For Chun, each artwork is rooted in an observation about contemporary life. Drawing inspiration from personal experience, current news and sociology research, her multimedia work develops narrative about how people feel, think and live in the 21st century and provides critical insight to the underlying systems that shape the societal and individual psyche. At once conceptual and emotional, poignant and poetic, controlled and spontaneous, realistic and surreal, her work creates tension among familiarity and estrangement which aims to create awareness and provoke dialogue.

Elaine T. Nguyen

Artist & curator/ USA
Elaine T. Nguyen is an artist, curator and community organizer working in San Francisco, CA. Her work explores the intersection between love and mental health. Capturing and commemorating different moments in her life, she uses art as a means of evaluation and expression of the self. Her work is confessional, exposing, and vulnerable, ultimately created with the intent to connect, share and begin conversations with her audience on personal memories and struggles.

Crystal Marshall

Visual artist / USA
''My work explores the use of narrative to evoke emotional connections that reference all aspects of life. Through symbolism and allegory, I refer to what lies beneath the surface. Through the use of varying imagery of my choosing, it allows me to explore imaginative realms that defy logic but are directly influenced by life's experiences. I also investigate different themes that affect people from all walks of life, concerning life's trials and tribulations, which include hostility, victimization, exclusion, oppression, and withdrawal, all of which I believe ties into spirituality.

Joanna Pottle

Visual Artist / USA
Joanna Pottle is a visual artist, researcher, educator, and curator. Her studio practice combines abstract mixed media techniques of painting, printmaking, drawing, and installations with investigations of vulnerability, memory and remembrance, courage, empathy, (re)negotiate previously untold or unheard narratives, bridging the tangible and intangible, cultural heritage, cross-cultural understanding, healing and peacebuilding, and philology and semantics. She is a recent US Fulbright Student Researcher alumane to Poland (2019-2020) and currently resides in Krakow, Poland, earning a MA in European Studies Programme, Central and Eastern European Studies: Research Track to focus on topics of cultural heritage and art & culture at the Jagiellonian University. She is also conducting a grant project through the US Embassy in Poland, "Solidarity Project/Projekt Solidarność as a virtual exchange between American and Polish artists to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis (@solidarityartproject)


Visual Artist / Berlin
Originating from her interest in astronomy and astrophysics, as well as her passion to create, Berlin based artist Niamh-Erin Cusack explores our solar system through astronomical research, abstract visuals and contemporary design. With an urge to experiment and explore, Niamh-Erin displays her thought process through paint, photography, sculpture and public installation. She questions her surroundings, therefore using the medium that fits best to project her contextual and scientific research. Born in West Ireland, Niamh-Erin Cusack comes from a rural agricultural background, therefore using the empty space in her paintings to represent her lack of knowledge growing up when trying to identify our planet through scientific forms. Niamh-Erin has exhibited her work in Ireland, Germany and Spain and graduated from Dublin's National College of Art and Design in 2019.

Rachel Henriksen

Visual Artist / USA
Rachel Henriksen is an artist currently based out of Utah, where she received her BFA in Studio Art from Brigham Young University in 2020. Henriksen's interests as an artist lay in the porousness of culture, perception, and identity. Her current body of work, primarily painting and drawing though expanding into the realm of sculpture and immersive installation builds visual narratives that grow from an engagement with pattern and shape. The work provides a way to explore and process her experience, in relation to those of differing backgrounds, by establishing systems and hierarchies which are ruptured and interrupted to generate new forms for navigating visual experience. Henriksen aims to challenge the notion that identities and cultures, and our individual perceptions of the two, are unalterable, fixed. As she confronts, breaks down, and builds upon her ideals, she feels the freedom to construct hybridized and evolving forms. This process, and the corresponding forms that emerge, relate to the way her awareness evolves as she seeks for greater empathic connection and navigates the world visually, emotionally, and culturally.

Osmeli Delgado

Visual Artist / USA
Osmeli Delgado is a Venezuelan artist and architect who has lived in New Jersey for the past 10 years. She obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Architecture from the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 2008 and a Certificate in Visual Arts from the National Academy School of New York in 2015. Her work has been shown at the renowned Villalon Gallery and the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo del Zulia in Venezuela, Tatiana Pages Gallery in NYC, Woodward Gallery in NYC, Union City Museum in NJ, and at The National Academy Museum of NY. Her artworks have also been part of the Bailey House auction for three consecutive years, selected winner in the 2014 and 2015 ArtSlant Showcase of New York, and have been featured on popular design and art blogs like Trend,,,,, and Wall Street International.

Sue Roh

New Media Artist / USA
Sue Roh is an Asian American new media artist working in the IRL and URL. She creates saturated computer-generated worlds and simulated realities in the boundary between virtual and physical space. Her work begins with obsession and research, investigating the invisible womxn and people of color behind our built environment and uncovering their intentionally obscured stories. She is interested in underrepresented bodies and how they are presented in physical and digital spaces as a means of subjugation. As an educator, Sue focuses on teaching programming in an easily accessible way beyond the traditional computer science approach.

Riley Arthur

Photography / USA
Riley Arthur is a documentary photographer and art director. Her work explores cultural nostalgia, gentrification, and communities on the margins. She has traveled the world photographing stateless people, folklore traditions, and cultural commodification. She is interested in exploring nontraditional methods of printing and exhibiting art for a more tactile experience. She is a National Geographic Explorer and Fulbright Fellow. Her work is in the permanent collections of seven museums and has been exhibited in juried shows in six countries. Arthur's work has been published in The New York Times, Der Spiegel, La Repubblica, The Guardian, National Geographic, and L'Oeil de la Photographie. Her forthcoming book: Photo Photography for Everybody, iPhone Photojournalism Techniques will be published in the Spring 2021 by Amherst Media Publishing.

Thérèse Lynch

Multimedia Artist / Scotland
Making is, for Thérèse, a form of physical thinking, a way to engage with life, outside the boundaries of verbal language. Using a range of media, her work is the result of continuous experimentation followed by careful curation. The objects that result are usually produced and displayed in multiples, evidence of the exploration of a theme. The audience are free to consider each thing as an individual piece or as part of a group. While the work is finished, many objects are unresolved, caught in a tense stasis. This references their starting point, the potential for further evolution and, most importantly, by not offering the observer a clear position, it asks them to participate in interpretation.

Gail Winbury

Painter / USA
Gail Winbury is an artist and psychologist with a studio in urban New Jersey. The materials and processes that she uses emphasize the layers that make us all human. Her work considers gender, mortality, childhood and the inherent power of emotion. Winbury’s oil paintings and collage have been in museums and galleries in the States, Italy, and Germany and she has had over eight solo exhibitions. She participated in artist residencies in the School of Visual Arts, Manhattan, NY , the Bau Foundation, Otranto, Italy and more. Winbury received a grant for an artist exchange in Arad, Israel. Her work is in collections in the States, Germany, Italy, London, and Greece. She studied for 15 years with artist Dorothy Yung and at the School of Visual Arts.

Leo Bisquera

Painter / Philippines
Leo Angelo Bisquera is an emerging geometric abstract painter currently based in the Philippines. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (painting) from the University of Santo Tomas in 2017 Integrating geometric structures and impulsive abstraction, I explore the feelings of control and letting go. Inclined to forms and spaces, I use their elements to play with precision. I value the
color sensitivity and my attention to detail. Sometimes, I use these systems and forms as my language to represent or oppose a term or statement. My process is approached in a variety of
ways, which comprises the exploration of materials and shifting methods of working.

Siddharth Pathak

Multi-disciplinary artist / India
Currently exploring ambient & atmospheric music creation, Siddharth Pathak, a multi-disciplinary artist from India has expanded his practice from painting to adaptable and transformative installations, experimental audio, film & video, as well as performance art and writing over the last 8 years. With his work he explores themes of Recovery from Trauma in an attempt to document Unconscious Conflict. Through exercises in learning the ways of the human mind and heart, he attempts to capture the passage of time taken for inner change and transformation; his raw material constituting the moments between cycles of being and otherness.

Margaret R. Thompson

Multimedia creator / New Mexico
Margaret R. Thompson is a multimedia creator ritualizing the human condition—both conscious and unconscious—in her work. She calls this Life Force. Her art is her worldview, her constant project. It strengthens her connection with the world. In recent work, Margaret invents archetypes to form a universal visual language that she rearranges into metaphysical storylines. There is always an element of chance and mystery. The New Mexico based artist explores concepts of ancestral memory, objects of immortality, and metamorphosis, weaving them into contemporary lore. She explores many mediums: painting, animation, digital photographic collage, virtual and tactile sculpting, and site specific installation.

Amalia Galdona Broche

Fiber artist / USA 
''I am a fiber artist working with textiles and mixed media to materialize a psychological landscape of nostalgia and remembrance in order to weave alternative histories and mythologies. Originally from Santa Clara, Cuba, my family moved to the US in my adolescence. I earned a BFA and a BA in Sculpture and Art History from Jacksonville University, and have participated in residencies at the New York Academy of Fine Arts and the Studios at MASS MoCA. My work has been exhibited at The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, the Parachute Factory, and most recently at Patricia Sweetow Gallery, amongst others. I currently live in Lexington, Kentucky, where I am pursuing an MFA in Visual Studies at the University of Kentucky.''

Anikó Sáfrán

Visual artist / USA
The unifying theme of Anikó Sáfrán’s work is an exploration of the space between perception and reality, especially in terms of the active engagement with social, political, and natural worlds. She often uses distortion to explore these relationships. Her most recent work focuses on the perceptions and realities of motherhood. Her practice includes photography, video, sound, installation, performance, painting, and writing. Her work has won multiple awards and has been exhibited in museums and galleries across the United States, including The Contemporary Museum of Honolulu and the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. Anikó holds a BFA in Studio Art and a BA in Film and New Media Arts from the University of Utah. She is currently an MFA candidate in the Interdisciplinary Studio Arts program at James Madison University. She is a recipient of a 2020-21 VMFA Visual Arts Fellowship. Born in New Jersey, USA to Hungarian immigrants, Anikó’s work is influenced by her bi-cultural identity.

Lizzie Essi

Textile artist / USA
''My background in painting and sculpture coalesce within my weaving. I create a warp on my loom using an array of thick and thin colorful fibre threads, and then trap unruly linear materials between them to create a compact interlocking matrix, a fabric. This slow and laborious analog process confronts the fast and frenetic pace embedded in consumerism with all its associated waste. As the warmth of natural fibres converge with cool, synthetic materials, a visual language emerges from the interlocking grid. The richly colored and densely textured fields of material I create often take the form of contained and composed structures, but emit active and cacophonous visual experiences. In light of the increasingly dehumanized mechanisms of mass production and consumption, handmade textiles remain a medium of great humanity. Through my process of collection and revaluation of common materials I rejuvenate the discarded or overlooked. I strive to extend the potentials of materials and find new strategies for intervention, as my work is an investigation of the material world which surrounds and shapes us.''

Chelsea Stewart

Painter / USA 
Chelsea Stewart explores themes of mass and scale, geological subjects, and mental health. Through the relation of grounding, heaviness and weight and how they affect the human form and mind, bringing oneself back to reality. The catalyst of erosion in rocks, caves, craters and other natural formations, the texture and the scale of all of these are focal points of my research. Connecting shapes, fusing them together to create abstracted forms, highlighting small moments within large bodies of rock. Stewart delves into the boundaries of geological heaviness combined with themes of anxiety and mental wellbeing, using unconventional everyday materials to represent the themes of feeling grounded to one's body. The mix of intentional decisions and accidental moments- the charcoal drowning in the canvas, the pencil marks being suffocated by the layers of paint- all build to eventually become a cohesive whole.Stewart currently resides and works in her home studio near San Francisco, California. She received her BFA in Art and Design from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a concentration in Studio Art. Stewart was recently featured in Content Magazine of San Jose, California

Janine-Annette Littmann

Visual artist / Canada
Janine-Annette Littmann uses photography, textiles, and drawings to investigate how our interactions with the natural environment reflect our internal thoughts and social values. Her artworks purposefully re-enact everyday activities including gardening, sewing, documenting, tracing, and mapping in an attempt to understand how these activities symbolise profound philosophical questions and psychological needs. Janine-Annette Littmann is a Canadian artist who has lived in Vancouver, Montréal, Iqaluit and currently resides in Winnipeg. She has most recently exhibited at La Maison des Artistes Visuels Francophones and the C2 Centre for Craft.

Alex Braidwood

Sound artist & media designer / USA
Alex Braidwood is a sound artist, media designer, and educator who maintains a practice of exploring issues of sustainability at the intersection of art and science. He has been an artist in residence in a remote Australian mountain village, on an Iowa farm, at a mid-western biological field research station, and most recently on Isle Royale National Park. He has exhibited sound art, led workshops, lectured on his work, and performed live at a variety of events and venues throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Alex is currently Director of the Artist-in-Residence program at the Iowa Lakeside Lab biological field research station and Associate Professor at Iowa State University. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology and the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

Juan Pablo Medina

Multidisciplinary artist / Mexico
Juan Pablo Medina - a Mexican multidisciplinary artist. Juan is working in the filed of photography, video art and new media, most recently producing AR art.
He develops his work by exploring both the possibilities of remote observation and the inappropriate nature of smartphone cameras. In addition, he collects, reinterprets and reorganizes a seemingly arbitrary selection of visual material that circulates uninterruptedly through the internet to underline the state of constant surveillance in which we find ourselves.

Joshua Unikel

Graphic design & writing / USA
Joshua Unikel works at the intersection of design and creative writing, focusing on the overlap between graphic design and the literary essay. He is the co-editor of No Quo: Attempts (DesignInquiry Press, 2017) and Beyond Category (Hobart and William Smith Colleges Press, 2015). He also serves as a contributing editor of Seneca Review. Unikel has shown at DesignPhiladelphia; Griffith University Art Gallery (Australia); The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit; Lawndale Art Center; and will be showing at the CICA Museum (South Korea) and the Institute of Contemporary Art: Portland (US).

Megan James Goodman

Multidisciplinary artist / USA - England
Megan James Goodman is a British-American multidisciplinary artist working in photography, collage and painting, most recently producing collage-like and assemblage-like photographs. Her work addresses our 21st century collective, disconnected relationship to land and weather, spotlighting man-made disasters, the manufactured material world, and ultimately climate-altering human activity, which is and will continue to initiate climate and environmental migration. Inspired by her background in archaeological illustration, she explores the ideology of land as a cultural artifact, provoking distinction of patriotism versus heritage. The pieces expose the spectrum of disturbed visuality versus aesthetic equilibrium. With an investigatory attitude, assembled fragments unite to attempt a drawn connection.

Yolanda Santa Cruz

Multidisciplinary artist / Cuba
Yolanda Santa Cruz is a multidisciplinary artist from Cuba. Her visual works explore gender dynamics, question society constructs, and promote female empowerment. She is also linked to the literary world, with many of her writings tapping into relationships, sexuality, and memories. Santa Cruz has participated in festivals such as The Ephemeral Sculpture Festival (2013) and attended residencies such as Hypatia in the Woods (2016). Her work has been shown at the National Art Museum, Cuba; Confluence Gallery, Washington; Art Scene West Gallery, Los Angeles; Light Space Online Gallery, among others. She received her BFA from San Alejandro's National Academy of Fine Arts in 2013 and continued her education at the University of the Arts of Cuba up until 2015, when she decided to migrate to the United States.

Ré Phillips

Multidisciplinary Artist/ USA
Ré Phillips is a multidisciplinary artist from the American South. As an Atlanta, Georgia native, she grew up amidst the legacy of the American Civil Rights Movement, and as a result her art is grounded in her desire to promote peace and increase mutual understanding. In addition to being influenced by Dr. Martin Luther King's ideas of non-violence, her work is also deeply informed by her experiences as a cultural envoy working with national theater companies, galleries, and universities across the world.  Ré's art explores the intersectionality of art and social change, and she is inspired by material culture, migration, language and identity. Her work has been exhibited in Lebanon, India, Spain, England, Turkey, China, the United States, and the Netherlands. She holds a BA from Stanford University, an MPhil from the University of Oxford, and is a native of Atlanta, Georgia.


Interdisciplinary Artist / Canada
Jevi is a researcher, developer and emerging experimental interdisciplinary artist. Her research-creation practice explores our individual and societal relationships with technology, privacy, governance, immersion and speculative fiction. Jevi works in a variety of media from video and photography to digital graphic design, interactive installations and computer-generated art. Jevi is a Honours Business Informatics B.ASc. McMaster University graduate, and studied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (PCert) at MIT. She has worked in the IT industry over the years as an Analyst, an Ethical Hacker, a Software Programmer, and as a Research Assistant at OCAD University and University of Toronto. She has participated as an artist in the Contingencies of Care, and is a member of the New Media Caucus. Hailed from a family of scribophiles, she also practises photography, poetry and prose, and completed a study of Art & Design at the GBC School of Design graduating with honours, and also studied Digital Media at OCAD University. Jevi is currently pursuing an MFA in Digital Futures at OCAD University.

Sarah Nguyen

Multi media artist / USA
Sarah Nguyen is a multi media artist, working primarily with paper. Storytelling is central to her hand cutfiber panels and paintings. The intricate compositions found in her work, are mostly landscape based and feature symbolic motifs—flora, fauna, and an ever-changing moon—to elicit childhood memories of myths, fables, and folklore. Nguyen uses a balance of abstract and representational forms in order to sever the connection between shape and meaning, connecting the viewer instead to the gesture of the brush or cut of the knife, so that s/he becomes complicit in the art. Myths, reverence and refinement of nature, and observance of daily life, are the concepts behind her work. Nguyen’s work has appeared in numerous national and international solo and group exhibitions and publications. Her work has been part of nationally recognized exhibitions in museums and festivals. She received her BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design and her MFA in Painting from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She currently lives in Columbia, Missouri, USA with her husband, the writer Phong Nguyen, and their three sons.

Anna Rose

Visual artist / USA
''My work spans video, installation, photography and sculpture with a sensibility towards the relationship between body, space and ritual, entering into conversation with cultural mythologies of place. Through the familiar materials of our daily actions related to play, to nourishment and consumption, or to the conventions of beauty, for example, my work often addresses the concept of the vanitas and the passage of time. Often starting from a single familiar object, such as an egg, a braid, a piece of fruit or a ball, I reassign or reframe its common use to call into question the cultural mythologies embedded within them. Employing the repetition of a gesture, the tropes of consumer culture, or the heightened tactile or sensorial quality of a material, my work destabilizes the familiar, directing our attention to the embedded and often problematic cultural weight it carries. ''

Huiquan Jiang

Multidisciplinary Artist  / USA
Huiquan Jiang's multidisciplinary art is grounded in reverence for nature and the adoration of the occult—the artwork without self-conscious intervening functions as a vehicle of spiritual expression and orientation to visualize the invisible by creating a totemic and intuitive association. Her works are the expression of intuition and the spiritual pursuit closest to purity and sanctity. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Chinese traditional painting from the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, China, and an MFA in 2D painting at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston. She currently lives and works in Boston.

Danielle Leventhal

Visual artist / USA
Danielle’s work raises the question: How does the artist depict the human being, in all their mystery and depth, in a single frame? Exploring color theory through the application of paint, layers of printmaking and mark-making, she captures the essence of her live sitters. Sometimes working from MRIs, x-rays and other medical scans, Danielle’s portraits aim to reveal the physical and psychological state of her subjects. Danielle lives and works in New York. She received a BFA in Painting with a second major in Art History, from the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis. Danielle is the recipient of the Jeffrey Frank Wacks Scholarship for Fine Arts, the Mary Cowan Harford Award in Watercolor, and the Scholastic National Silver Medal for Painting.

Jenn Cacciola

Visual Art  / USA
Jenn Cacciola is a U.S.-based artist originally hailing from Port Chester, NY. She received a B.S.V.A. from SUNY Purchase School of Art + Design. Through its documentary and research-based process, Jenn's work allows pain to have a comfortable place to be around people, with a focus on relationships and how factors like isolation, aging, and vulnerability affect our ability to know one another. Her work flips between using portraiture explicitly and using anthropomorphism to ask the question, "What are the criteria of a portrait?" Her pieces generally take form in tapestry, drawing, painting, printmaking and installation—sometimes involving audio components.

Rebecca Tucker

Sculpture / Scotland
Rebecca’s practice revolves heavily around finding ways to represent internal processes and paradoxical contemplations of character, body, object, indulgence and guilt primarily through ceramic sculpture and moving image. Her work often blurs the line between animate characters and inanimate objects. Rebecca creates forms and installations that are a coupling of imagery from historic and contemporary texts and artefacts, resulting in work that could inhabit a past, present, future, parallel or imagined reality.

Mariana Guerrero

Painter / Argentina
Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1970. She now resides and works in Buenos Aires. She studied music at the Conservatorio Manuel de Falla, Interior Design at the Biblioteca de Mujeres ABM and received a diploma in Fine Art from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Guerrero’s interdisciplinary practice spans lithography, photography, photogravure, calligraphy, drawing and painting.  Her universe of compositions shifts between representation, fantasy and abstraction, with images of plant and human life. A fascination with color and its infinite range of possibilities stands out in her work. Each brushstroke partially occludes a previous mark; their physically sensuous surfaces give way to topologies of finely calibrated hues. In Guerrero´s working process, the materials provide the script; they constitute the plot for a new development.

Sandra Marinescu

Multidisciplinary / Argentin
Sandra Marinescu, is a multidisciplinary Argentine artist that began developing her visual work in the mid-90s after obtaining her degree as a Doctor Specialist in Ophthalmology (University of Buenos Aires, 1993). She also has a Higher Degree in Fine Arts (Instituto Superior Nueva Escuela de Diseño y Comunicación, 2011). She began her artistic training by becoming interested in scientific photography where she creates imaginary worlds that
move away from science to approach art, obtaining numerous awards. Currently, she is developing a project called "Geometry of the Uncertain" and “ Dyschromatopsia”. She focuses on altering the sense of learned perception trying to make another reality visible, not necessarily in the expected sense, but in a way that invites us to question ourselves. This new way of perception, that she captures through vision, allows her to build a world of multiple realities, of diversity, of unique ways of seeing and reflecting. She lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jessica Mowery

Mixed Media / USA
''My 15 year career as an interior designer distinctly influences my artistry. I continuously think about rearranging physical spaces by creating two-dimensional plan views, and my artwork often has an aerial perspective. Although influenced by landscapes and topography, I see my work as a raw examination of emotional complexities. We all cope with conflicting emotions and external demands, and that forces us to compartmentalize. Sometimes organized and sometimes chaotic, the art that I create reflects the spatial organization of my mind. As someone who has spent over a decade on construction sites, I’m sadly aware of the waste involved in the building process. I utilize that waste in my work by using the materials that are the byproducts or leftovers from construction sites.
This includes plywood remnants leveling sand, concrete clumps, and plaster board. The result is an abstract multidimensional space for the viewer to navigate.


Sam MacInnes

Visual Art / Scotland
"Many young men, myself included, appear to lead funny, carefree and crazy lives. I have been inspired to transform this personal element of reality into artworks based on specific animal motifs. Combining this concept with satire and fantastical elements, I aim to take this carousel of masculine absurdity and make it the focal point of my work. I have entitled the world these young men find themselves within "The Dude Zone". This is a world driven by escapism, full of outsiders in a structured domain of order and rules; rules to which these dudes have no regard for. These men are stuck in a state of limbo between their teens and adulthood, where hedonic pleasures such as drink, drugs and crazy behaviour are used in attempts to quench their escapist fantasies. Young, confused and fuelled by the absurd, these young men are hell-bent on pursuing pleasure above all else; much to the dismay of the rest of society. I felt urban animals like the fox and the stray cat seemed like fitting characters for my artworks. These animals are usually deemed to be beautiful and graceful creatures. However, once corrupted by their urban environment they are seen in a completely different light; engulfed by the crude and dirty aspects of this life. Nonetheless, it is a messy and crude world. So, the best way to show this is to be just as messy and just as crude."

Maryam Khaleghiyazd

Multimedia artist / USA 
Maryam is an Iranian multimedia artist and teacher based in Minnesota. The area of her work and teaching covers different realms like digital art, illustration, augmented reality, animation, and graphic design. Currently, Maryam is exploring her identity as a person who has migrated from Iran to the United States. Indeed, she is applying illustration as a vehicle to expose her state as a person who lives between two different cultures.
Maryam has exposed her art and design work to different national and international exhibitions in various countries like Iran, U.S.A., Germany, South Korea, Japan, Italy, U.K., Switzerland, Mexico, etc. She has won several prizes like the Silver prize of A’Design Award in Italy, the merit
award of HOW International Design Awards in the U.S.A., the first prize of International Triennial of Ecological Posters in Ukraine and the second award of International Poster Design Competition Post-it Awards in Russia. Maryam received her B.A. and M.F.A. in Visual Communication from the University of Tehran, Iran, and her second M.F.A. in Graphic Design from Ohio University, U.S.A. Currently, she is the assistant professor of Graphic design in the Art and Design department at the University of Minnesota.

Philippe Halaburda

Visual Art / France-USA
''In addition to the psychological effects of the environment on our behavior, my art process delves into the complex undercurrents of our intimate and collective interactions. It calls upon an emotional framework as a construct to bring the viewer as a participant in this experience. The blurry boundary between perception and experience always inspired me: I am interested in the randomness crossovers in the senses (Synaesthesia) through art by imaging abstract visuals - similar to data maps - based on the subconscious and a drifting creative process.
My work recently engages also with human nature and any type of environment or element: it includes objects, plants, trees, or animals. We totally ignore and even hide the impact of their inwardness, their mind, and their subjective capacity on the planet we are sharing. Through paintings, photos, or digital works, I build imaginary coded and abstract algorithms taking up mental, geographic, and collective data based on the various missing links with the nonhuman world and revealing these invisible interconnections. Exploring forms and lines in my compositions, I imagine disaggregated cartographies that reveal our social tensions and the invisible connections with the nonhuman world instead of addresses and landmarks. I am seeking to constantly perfect this technique and renew my process. Artworks address broader mental architecture within me, in an attempt to examine contradiction and harmony inside these new interconnections. The titles are the final result of this tracking by creating a new language, a universal language with objects, animals, or elements around us. Abstract keeps me focused on a quest for unlimited and unknown psychological territories as a springboard for the imagination.''

Sejin Moon

VisualArt  / Scotland
Sejin is a visual artist from Scotland and graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2010 with an MFA in photography. Sejin's body of work sets out a personal narrative and depicts her journey as a female in the modern world. Her art practice involves exploring and questioning herself regarding gender equality and cultural identity. Sejin's work depicts a critical view of social and cultural agendas this includes memories of childhood to an ongoing struggle with the awareness and emotions of growing old. Having the perspective of living in two distinctively different but yet similar cultures, South Korea and the UK, allows Sejin to produce a collection of unique and refreshing images. Her works are mainly created using the medium and large format film photography but also incorporates alternative photographic processes and media.

Louise Omer

Writer / Australia
Louise Omer is an Australian writer born on Kaurna Country and now based in Dublin. Her journalism, criticism, stories and poems have been published in Ireland, Australia and the UK. She is working on a memoir, Holy Woman, which combines travel writing, feminist theology, and psychogeography to interrogate modern religion and give a personal exploration of spiritual life under patriarchy. She writes to discover what she really thinks, what she really feels, experimenting with poetry, erotica, public art and visual text. Obsessed with intimacy, desire, and transcendence, she is compelled by the body as the encounter between the interior and the exterior, and seeks to express an embodied spirituality.


Video Art / Brazil
Nishmi is a video artist based in São Paulo. Her research has unfolded from poetic experimentations of film-essay and the usage of found footage material often connecting text interventions, personal archives, and performance. Moved by bending structures and disclosing affections, she creates narratives that explore the relationships between communication, body, gender, and science. Recently, she has developed an interest in video mapping and installations as a way to explore moving images in the physical space.

Jingbo Zou

Visual art /China
Jingbo Zou, graduated from London College of Communication, currently finishing a Fine Art master degree in Chelsea College of arts. His work presents a fusion of traditional Chinese philosophy and Western contemporary art often through photography, moving image and installation, exploring the balance between ancient and modern, tradition and contemporary, complexity and pureness.

Elaine T. Nguyen

Artist & curator/ USA
Elaine T. Nguyen is an artist, curator and community organizer working in San Francisco, CA. Her work explores the intersection between love and mental health. Capturing and commemorating different moments in her life, she uses art as a means of evaluation and expression of the self. Her work is confessional, exposing, and vulnerable, ultimately created with the intent to connect, share and begin conversations with her audience on personal memories and struggles.

Pauline Shongov

Multidisciplinary/film / Bulgaria- USA
Pauline Shongov is an artist whose work engages environmental and architectural sites as screen surfaces to bring film into an expanded practice that addresses questions on visuality and visibility, ruination and nostalgia, and embodied practices of lack and excess within the banal. Her research includes an effective approach to Eastern European landscapes through archival studies, oral history, and cultural techniques. Her work is largely informed by experimental film, global cinema, ethnography, media archeology, urban studies, and minimalism.

Ruta Matuleviciute

Multidisciplinary artist / Lithuania
Ruta Matuleviciute is a multidisciplinary artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania, focusing on painting, also creating the following media: performance, installation art, photography, and curating as well.
Ruta Matuleviciute has a MFA degree in Fine Arts, VIlnius Academy of Arts, is a member of Lithuanian Artists' Association and co-founder of Tapytoju Studijos (eng. Painters' Studios) 6 women artists' contemporary art project space in Lukiskiu 9, Vilnius, Lithuania. Artist curated exhibitions and participated in them.
In her artistic practice and research, Ruta Matuleviciute reflects the fascinating beauty of Life, Nature and their emergence from consciousness. This makes her focus on holistic worldview, comparative culture studies.

Bimbi Larraburu

Visual Art / Argentina
‘’ I’m visual artist. I born, I live and I work in Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. My work explores repetition, order and chaos. I use the architectural language working on abstract forms in different techniques such as drawing, painting, printmaking and mixed-media. These forms and productions owe as much to the urban environment that surrounds me as they do to the influence of the deconstructive architects of the 90s. I search for new forms of expression where architecture, painting, sculpture and installation alter the perception of surfaces and spaces, inviting the viewer to a new phase of reading the space.’’

Reenie Charrière

Installation Art, Drawing/ France - USA
Everyday situations stir Reenie Charrière’s investigations of what lingers in the environment. Her practice involves collecting and transforming everyday materials, especially throwaways. As a mixed media artist Reenie playfully pushes materials in unexpected arrangements bringing a beauty to what may be discarded. Her artwork also reveals and questions the abundance of waste in our consumer dependent society. Motivated by architecture, movement, and space, Reenie’s sculptural installations play upon the unpredictable juxtapositions of nat ural and synthetic matter.

Boryana Rusenova Ina

Visual artist / Bulgaria - USA
Boryana Rusenova Ina is a visual artist from Bulgaria and her work focuses on ideas on nationhood and belonging. Boryana earned an M.A. in Art, Design and Architecture Education from the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland in 2009 and an M.F.A. in Painting and Drawing from The Ohio State University in 2016. While living in Scotland she was a visiting artist through the GOALS Project, a nationwide initiative, which focused on bringing artists into Scottish classrooms. Her work has been exhibited in her native Bulgaria at City Gallery Plovdiv as well as in the USA including the Museum of Fine Arts at Florida State University (FL), the Carver Center for Arts and Technology in Baltimore (MD) and the Zanesville Museum of Art (OH). In addition, Boryana has served as the Vice President of Roy G Biv Gallery For Emerging Artists and was a founding member of the Couchfire Art Collective. Most recently, her current project Against the Constable Skies was exhibited at Tennessee Technological University (TN) and sponsored by the Center Stage Series and an Individual Excellence Award from the Ohio Arts Council (OH). Currently, Boryana lives in Lubbock, Texas and teaches at Texas Tech University as an Assistant Professor in Painting.

Carol E Moses

Visual artist / USA
Carol E Moses, a visual artist in Massachusetts, works in watercolor and oil painting, and portrait photography. Influences include mathematics, science and nature, and a drive to communicate, describe, record. Her work in WOC will respond to the pandemic, as well as connecting with Bulgaria. Moses plans to do an Image and Interview series, online, with people in Bulgaria. The portrait concept was partially inspired by the work of Felix Nadar. The interview questions were created by Moses and are the same for all. Together, they generate a rich sense of the person at that time, and in that context with the artist. Moses has previously created the series in the US, Iceland, Scotland, and Germany. In painting, she sets aside her 'logical' thinking tendency. Her themes are connection, relation, isolation, distance. The colors and forms resolve or enact forces, and balance. Moses also creates word-paintings, with text and paint, in response to confusion, grief, or other thoughts, and makes small black and white drawings when away from the studio.


Javier Zamora Valdés

Visual Art / Cuba
Javier graduated from the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes San Alejandro (Cuba) in 2012, specialising in printmaking. He has shown work in Cuba and El Salvador, where he lived for several years, participating in national, collective, and personal exhibitions. He has made sculptures and murals in Spain, working in funded and collaborative projects in Andalucia and Catalonia, where he now lives. Interested in intuition and philosophy, as much as science, religion and politics, one of his principal objectives is to disturb the fixed borders of opposing concepts and ideas. He conceives of art as constant transformation that leaves a footprint beyond the physical expression of its representation; therein lies its ability to change people. He is interested in revealing the patterns that interconnect this community, this ecosystem, of human species.
Collage from Christina

Christina Fragkodimitraki

Visual Artist / Greece
Christina Fragkodimitraki is an artist based in Athens, Greece. She is currently studying at Athens School of Fine Arts.  She experiments with various mediums, such as painting, video, photography and sculpture. Through her work she explores the subjects of identity, memory and human interactions, commenting on the elements of human existence.

Freya Yeates

Intermedia Artist / Scotland
Freya Yeates is an artist based in Scotland. She creates video and time-based works that reflect on themes of intimacy, loss and memory. Through her practice, she experiments with the potential of video, projection and light to communicate a surreal and quiet account of human experience. Her current research considers the states of grief and melancholia through a subjective lens dealing with loss, as well as applying its theory to social and political climates. Her most recent work explores the relationship between haptic memory (memory of touch) and the body. These works engage with the theory of hauntology and haptic visuality (use of the visuals to generate a sense of touch), to convey the process of grief through moving image work.

Siddharth Pathak

Painting, Film, Experimental / India
Siddharth is an artist from India, who is driven to make connections between the world we live in, the constantly changing human mind and their relationship through art. He works to establish connections between the subconscious and affective behaviour through painting, sound and film making. As an artist, his objective is to provide reflection; a space to inspire awareness in the mind so as to contribute positively to internal change. Siddharth approaches his work considering the underlying intellectual process in life, to be topographical terrain; his paintings and projects often relying on abstract formations, overlapping patterns and texture. Developmental psychological research and human behaviour are at the core of his work, and he aims to turn it into a useful practice for navigating contemporary human thought one day.

Fiona Boler

Mixed Media / USA
Fiona is a mixed media artist from Minnesota, USA. The work she does is all about layering. Fiona uses three main mediums to communicate: Film, poetry, and collage. Each allows her to story tell in specific ways and explore her fascination with the complex systems that surround us. Fiona has a degree in sociology and explores sociological concepts with art. She sees using layers as a way to communicate the complexity of the socially constructed world juxtaposed with the complexity of the natural world. Fiona's first projects have consisted of pulling back the layers of herself, deconstructing her own socialization and seeking answers not from society but from nature. Her mission is to communicate through many mediums that everything is interconnected.

Thérèse Lynch

Multidisciplinary Art / Scotland

Thérèse is an Irish born artist based in Scotland. Using a diverse range of media, her work is the result of continuous experimentation followed by careful curation. Making, for her, is a form of physical thinking, a way to engage with life and creativity outside the boundaries of verbal language. Objects are usually produced and displayed in multiples, evidence of the exploration of a theme. The audience are free to consider each thing as an individual piece or as part of a group. While the work is finished, many objects are unresolved, caught in a tense stasis. This references their starting point, the potential for further evolution and, most importantly, by not offering the observer a clear position, it asks them to participate in interpretation.
Photo of the artwork from Su Young Park

Su-Young Park

Multidisciplinary Art, Dance / South Korea
Multidisciplinary Artist Su-Young Park also known as Gong-Won has been working on the phenomenon of interacting with individual experiences when a specific point or connection remaining in the body is encountered in unexpected places.
It can be extended to individuality or collective ethnicity.
The act of using different elements to work with, which had painted traditional Korean paintings, found a connection between them. "The act of drawing" and "the act of moving" can be interpreted as the basic elements of human behavior: "See," "Touch," and "Think. "Through this, she work to bring up the history of an unconscious individual from herself. After all, she's an expedition to herself. It's a question to audience:
"Should I keep moving on from myself?"
"Should I go in to myself?"
photo presenting the art of Danielle Oh

Danielle Oh

Multidisciplinary Artist / USA & South Korea
Danielle Oh is an artist from Boston, USA, who works through illustration, sculpture, and text. Drawing on her Korean heritage, her work and research explores the human passions that ground modernity, geography, and storytelling. In Sofia, she turns to writing and craft to explore place, accessing the memory and emotion of earth through acts of walking, watching, and listening. She is currently an undergraduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Oscar Mitchell

Painter, illustrator / Scotland
Oscar Mitchell is an award winning contemporary illustrator and image maker. Graduating in 2016 his clients include Godiva, Suntory, SK Manor Hill, Ammonite Press and Hunter Fashion Magazine amongst others who commission his bold coloured and vibrant lined approach to making artwork. This distinct style, combined with versatility and quick turn arounds has acquired Oscar international clients in fashion, sport, editorial and mural design.

Sophie Shingles

 Textile and embroidery / Australia
Engaging with classic mediums such as hand embroidery and quilt making in a contemporary manner, Sophie Shingles explores personal and social visages of the everyday person. Creating works which are both personal and political. Using materials that are second hand, from her own wardrobe or from thrift shops, she constructs garments with a combination of hand and machine stitching, layering and patch-working textiles to create a weight when worn to give a form of comfort, warmth, and understanding of the seriousness to those engaging.

Viola Nazario

Multi-disciplinary / Australia
Born in Japan, raised in Mexico and completing her fine arts degree in Australia, Viola Nazario's multi-disciplinary range is matched by the scope of countries and cultures she has inhabited. Her paintings, drawings and public art are all intensely personal expressions of an artist attuned to a clear internal dialogue that is both surreal and quotidian, creating a tender, mysterious and often humorous narrative that runs through her work.

Lily Bennett & Max Boutwell Draper

Filmmakers / Australia
Lily Bennett and Max Boutwell Draper are filmmakers and visual artists from Sydney, Australia. Graduates of the Australian Film Television and Radio School, their practice is focused on the ethos of resourceful filmmaking and their shared interest in Set Design. Adopting Lo-fi aesthetics, their films have led to the construction of fantastical worlds that explore both intimate narratives and current climate and social discourse.  

Johanna Failer

Multidisciplinary Artist / Germany
“My work is a reminder, a non-didactic index-finger and a window handle to open up something in us: a readiness that allows us to be permeable to our surroundings. Working in painting, writing, mixed media, video, drawing, performance and installation I become a channel for the narratives,
rituals, visions and objects that unite us. A central momentum is the collection, invention and the telling of stories through the visual. This is both a
work of translation as of formation. Failure is indispensable, as my last name announces”

Wang-tat Lau

Mix media artist / Hong Kong
Lau Wang Tat is a mixed media artist. He received his Bachelor of Education (Hons) from the Hong Kong University of Education and obtained his Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree co-presented by Hong Kong Art School and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. In 2013, he obtained his Master of Arts in Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 2018, he participated in artist residency program in Shigaraki, Japan, as studio artist. Combining different media, including ceramics, printmaking, painting and Chinese calligraphy, his focus in art making involves the relationship between the inner self and its surroundings.
Contradictions such as "intimate and strange," or "close and distant" best describe Wang-tat's artwork.
Combining different media, including ceramics, printmaking, painting and Chinese calligraphy, Wang-tat's focus in art making involves the relationship between the inner mind and his surroundings.
Personal memories, fragments of events and the reinterpretation of things reassembled, are starting points for his creation.  

Federica Zianni

Sculptures / Italy
Federica Zianni is interested in silence as a contact form, not in the very strict sense of a tactile experience but for its communication lever through
participation in the work. Her artistic production is based on listening, understanding, not as a physical action focused on relationship but as an inner self-introspective necessity. Federica Zianni believes that "communicating"is not strictly related to speech but essentially to the listening capacity. Listening allows us to build qualitative relationships.Silence is the common and eternal language of the universe, the most suitable to communicate the deepest feelings and to exorcise the deepest fears. The artist deals with the theme of identity and mourning. Her mute sculptures are born this way, perfect mechanisms that refer to nothing but themselves, to a closing circuit to the outside from which no sound derives. In her latest production, the artist also deals with the theme of self-introspection, creating moving and shiny surfaces that do not refer to a clear portrait of those who are mirrored.

Sierra Severson

Visual artist / USA
Sierra is interested in media and how we collect and sort images and ideas in our minds. She feel bombarded by all media. It is her goal to morph and re-imagine these images from the media into her own imagined world. She uses surrealism, absurdist humor and compassion.

Ana Bertina Hursh

Visual Artist / Mexico
''I am unsettled by the objectification of bodies; we are our bodies, our experiences, and our emotional and intellectual reality, this is important from the point of view of representation, as an exploration that modifies our identity as woman. Color and atmospheres are essential features of my artwork. I create ethereal blurred bodies as well a collection of real and fabulous animals, offering the viewer the opportunity to make their
own interpretation of each situation. Usually I work first with logbooks or travel journals with a compilation of drawings, pictures, designs, fantastic animals and erotic shapes, to create images that will take us from one place to another and will refer to other images; I attempt to produce the pictorial turn in a series of abstract paintings, regarding the surroundings and landscapes in the nearby locations.''

Christian Santana Prinz

Visual Artist / Mexico
''My work is a debate among the urban postmodernism, the modern schizoid constructions of great metropolises, the pictorial beauty and the visual bad taste. The landscapes that I have painted represent the junk of civilization; abandoned concrete structures, bridges, avenues and highways,  simulated through forms that return us to forms of nature which create an hallucinatory vision of a utopic world where the impossible union between civilization and nature exists. In my paintings the urban territories are the places where the subjective experience of what is public is renewed in the exaltation of color and perspective. I attempt to show fragments of natural universes where rituals and symbolism of different myths are mingled with the imaginary of industrial culture.''

Brendan Flanagan

Visual Artist / Canada
The history of painting is closely tied to an idea of individuality; it is the place where the individual marks a surface and stakes a claim. By unraveling the influences of form within his work, Brendan Flanagan’s practice looks to visualize connections between technology, capital and personal history. Brendan Flanagan (born 1983) lives in Toronto, Canada. He holds an MFA from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec and a BFA from the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, Ontario.

Valentina Culley-Foster

Photographer / Germany
Valentina Culley-Foster is a Berlin-based freelance photographer and Art Director of a two-headed production company called 'Grin and Bear Studios'. She grew up in Virginia (USA) and in the Rhineland Palatinate (Germany). Valentina has worked in the photography industry professionally since 2010. She is a trained photographer having studied Photographic Arts at the University of the Arts London (Foundation Diploma, 2010) and at Westminster University (Bachelor Honours Photographic Arts, 2013). Valentina's conceptual documentary photography is based on ideas surrounding contemporary cultural debate. Her personal projects generally explore divided and conflicted spaces that affect personal, national and global identity. The photographers' larger series documented in Berlin and Northern Ireland reflect her ongoing interest in vanishing divides between people, as well as the change in geographical landscape without militarised borders and the significance of these spaces today. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in London, Berlin, Belfast and Derry (NI).

Amelia Skelton

Multidisciplinary Artist, Australia
Amelia Skelton is a multi-disciplinary artist living and practising in Sydney, Australia, graduating from a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2016, as a sculpture major. Skelton's practice is rooted in the creation, documentation and performative utilization of masks and costumes. Commandeering humor, the absurd and the universal history of mask making as her main tool set, Skelton communicates narratives of grotesqueness, and the emancipating effect of a mask.
During the residency she is learning about the historical Kukeri Festival and tradition of mask-making associated with it.
In response to this, she intend to create a number of new masks and costumes, as well as accompanying photos, videos and drawings. These Masks and costumes will hopefully reflect the context they are created in and reference the labor-intensive processes present in the creation of Kukeri Masks.

Mariah-Rose Marie M

Visual artist / USA
Mariah-Rose Marie M is a California-born, pan-American raised educator, artist & poet currently freelancing around Europe. Past and current clients include Warner Bros. Animation, The New Yorker, The Nib and BOOM! Studios. Mariah-Rose Marie M is creating a series of paintings, drawings and observations that explore the past and present zeitgeist of a Bulgaria on the cusp of our globally unsure future. Her work is informed by the stories and collective memories of Sofia's residents, local history, traditional folklore, food, flora, and fauna to form a visual meditation on what it means to be "тук", or "here"

Mairead Dunne

Visual artist / UK
Mairead Dunne is an artist and illustrator from Ireland based in Cornwall, UK. Her work explores the role of model-making in contemporary practice - shifting between intimate photographic viewpoints to site-specific installations. Working predominately with miniature tableau's, each piece is carefully composed adapting elements of theatre and early Russian animation techniques.

DATSON HUGHES - Artistic Duo

Musician / Australia
DATSON HUGHES is the artistic collaboration of sound artist, poet, songwriter, composer and musician Geoffrey Datson and Annette Hughes, author, songwriter, musician and cultural producer. Their joint practice draws on long immersion in Australian visual, musical and literary culture, selecting and combining forms to produce multi-media performance installations.

Angela Lang

Writer & photographer, Columbia - USA
Angela Lang is a writer and photographer. Half nomad, half flâneuse, English and Spanish are her home. She has lived in three continents and worked as a travel writer and wellness editor for magazines in the United States, as cultural correspondent for Colombian publications, and as a lifestyle web editor. Currently she is working on a visual and textual project exploring the impact of strangers, spontaneous traveling partners, and the spark of connections that go beyond gender, nationality, language and common identity labels.
 IG: @portableangela

Megan Shaw

Visual artist / Australia
Megan Shaw is an Australian artist from Perth who works with sculpture, utilising a painterly methodology to redirect the alluring colours and textures of everyday materials. Shaw attempts to create new encounters between materials and the viewer, to disrupt culturally developed material and object hierarchies.





Anni Jane Linklater

Visual artist / Australia
Anni Jane Linklater is a 2D artist and jack of all trades. She is interested in humble traditional mediums such as pencil, pastel and watercolors. She seeks to explore political and personal topics throughout the freeing aspects of abstraction. Light, movement and the space in between are continuing themes in her work.




Jung-Ji Eun

Interdisciplinary Artist / South Korea
Her main working subject matter of Jung-Ji Eun is deeply involved with a story of her dream and the intense dreamscape in it. She also shares brief essay along with illustration about vivid moments that come from memorable experiences in her life and how she felt those situations. These text and drawings are an attempts to understand about border of dream and reality, and the grey area-not binary thinking. Not to create better work nor to gain more empathy, the works are in progress to test for the given weight of the work and what is that means to her. 

MaryAnn Loo

Visual artist / Singapure
MaryAnn Loo (also known as PenguinGirl) is best known for whimsical paintings and illustrations of penguins who live in the sky, which symbolize possibilities and manifesting one's dreams. Since her first solo exhibition in 2013, MaryAnn has curated and organised two group exhibitions, illustrated six children's books, and exhibited in South Korea and Singapore. In 2018, MaryAnn began "Project: 100 Dream Trees", a mission to collaborate with 100 communities around the world and create 100 Dream Tree mural installations, symbols of an ideal space where all fulfil their aspirations together, and thus create a whole new world. She has currently completed five Dream Trees: in Lithuania, Latvia, Singapore and Spain. MaryAnn is also a voice coach, and loves writing, contemplating the meaning of life, and chocolate.

Tim Carlier

filmmaker & writer / Australia
Tim Carlier is a filmmaker and writer from Adelaide, Australia. His work is often experimental attempts to blend science fiction, fantasy and surreal comedy. With three short films, and several years of on-set experience under his belt, Tim's current focus is on short art films and installations which explore the communication of ideas and emotions across language gaps, through sound and vision.





Carrie Fucile

Interdisciplinary Artist / USA
Carrie Fucile is an interdisciplinary artist who works with sound, installation, and performance. Her practice is primarily concerned with the psychological, historical, and familial aspects of geographical territory. She is known for producing sound by manipulating found objects and subjecting them to various technological processes. Fucile has presented her work at numerous venues around the world including The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore; IA&A at Hillyer, Washington, DC; Vox Populi, Philadelphia; Casa Contemporânea, São Paulo, and the Director's Lounge, Berlin. Her recordings are released through Ehse Records and Protagonist Music. She lives and works in Baltimore.

Emily Corbett

Visual artist / Canada
Emily Corbett is a visual artist based in Ontario, Canada who's work primarily focuses on painting. She graduated from the University of Maine, Orono with a Bachelor's in Studio Art in 2018. Through her paintings she examines how climate change and sea level rise affect human migration and global policy. She explores these ideas with methods such as printmaking, drawing, fibre and painting.





Céline Murphy

Visual Artist-Archaeologist/ France-Ireland
The past and the present, parts and wholes, creation and destruction; not so much contradictions as pairs, inextricably linked... These are the ambivalences that fuel Céline Murphy’s research. Academically qualified as an archaeologist, but also trained as an artist, she presently works at the intersection of both disciplines, expressing her thoughts and discoveries in both written and visual form. Currently fascinated with ‘the fragment’, be it physical or conceptual, Céline explores its narrative value in reconstructions - or, perhaps more precisely, constructions - of the past. Through her ceramic installations and water colours she researches different avenues for understanding broken objects or decaying constructions, including how they came to break and the agents involved in their breakage. Another aspect of Céline’s research is the body, the broken body, the missing limb, and the idea of the body part as a token for humanness.

Sofía Hurtado Montes

Visual artist, illustrator & writer / Colombia
Sofía is an art student at Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia. Her work explores repetition, patterns, obsession and recurrent organic movement in nature, using different techniques such as drawing, painting, printmaking and mixed-media she tampers on what is non-figurative and what is.

Gergana Petrova

Visual artist / Bulgaria
Born in Sofia (Bulgaria), Gergana graduated from the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany as a media artist. She acquired a BA in Set design from the National Academy of Arts, Sofia. She lived in Berlin for 6 years, where she worked for VICE, assisted to Nan Goldin and designed eyewear for PAWAKA. She came back to Bulgaria in 2016 and has since focused on photography and graphic design. Topics of her work are climate change, environmental protection and the beauty of human emotions. She likes when her pictures look like paintings. 

Demelza Watts

Visual Artist /  UK
The everyday and the familiar are essential in Watts' practice. Watts' concern is how the home affects creative thought. What is the impact of the home on socialising, on imagination, on play, in making communities, on our compassion and on our political agency? What is the relationship between homes and introversion? Can extroversion be weaponised as a political tool? Watts' focus lays in the common ground for the artist and the spectator, how collage can adjust the boundary between documentation and activity, editing to bring together images that blur reality and fiction, physical and virtual, possible and impossible. Watts' also used performance to play with the boundaries between the artwork, socialising, and the workshop.

Chun-Shan Chien

Painter /  Taiwan
Chun-Shan Chien is an artist from Taiwan. Her painting usually employs watercolours mixed with other art mediums, combining watercolour-based and oil-based mediums. Her more recent plant-based research began in 2018 and developed through acute observation, in which she discovers a strong energy linking the simple patterns within each plant and oriental philosophy: each living form has its own talents to contribute to this world. As each individual reveals its inner talent, it will automatically optimise the future for both the individual and the world at large.

Salomé Roodenburg

Multidisciplinary artist /  Netherlands
Salomé graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2018. Her interests lie in the process of making itself, how to follow and combine the will of the material and the will of the making hand. Sometimes the best work is created in an unseen moment, but how to find such a moment while it is best to stay unseen? Through painting, drawing and writing Salomé investigates this among other questions, in exhibitions where text and image support each other in an associative way.

Ni Wen

Visual Artist & Theatre Designer / China
Before entering the theatre world, Ni Wen was a filmmaker and animator for many years. She wrote, directed and designed her own short films. Most of them truly reflected how she saw the world around her at that particular moment in life. After graduated from BA moving image course at Central Saint Martins in London, she started to help other people to visualize their stories. She freelanced as set, costume and projection designer in London for about two years, before she enrolled MFA Theatre Design course at YALE SCHOOL OF DRAMA. Now she is interested in exploring new form of theatre, especially in using projection.

Jackson Brinkley

Visual Art / USA
Jackson Brinkley experiments in distilling experience into thingamajigs to share, with a hopeful intent to promote light. Mark making, tradition, and transcendence are recurring themes in the lines, spaces, sculptures, and pages that surface in his continual study of perception.

Dunja Sirmium

Visual  art / Serbia
Insisting on the spontaneity and magic of the moment, without the previous templates and sketches, the personal inner world takes on various multidimensional forms expressed by the line in the black and white spectrum. During the process of appearance and disappearance, phantasmagoric forms establish a connection between the future, the present and the past. Graduated from the Department of Applied painting of the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade, Dunja works in drawing, painting and mosaic techniques. She deals with the eternal issues of existence, its visible and invisible forms. Through her works, she tries to show light in contours while trying to break through a multitude of layers of human imperfection.

Joshua Unikel

Graphic design & writing  / USA
Joshua Unikel works at the intersection of design and creative writing, focusing on the overlap between graphic design and the literary essay. He is the co-editor of No Quo: Attempts (DesignInquiry Press, 2017) and Beyond Category (Hobart and William Smith Colleges Press, 2015). He also serves as a contributing editor of Seneca Review. Unikel has shown at DesignPhiladelphia; Griffith University Art Gallery (Australia); The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit; Lawndale Art Center; and will be showing at the CICA Museum (South Korea) and the Institute of Contemporary Art: Portland (US).

Pascal Miehe

Visual  art / Scotland
Coming from a diverse and nomadic background, Pascal's work is often autobiographical. He strives to move past the surface of things in order to communicate complex elements of human reality. Having taken up painting at an early age, he enjoys the physical activities and processes of working on large scale canvases and implementing bold colouring. Recently his work has focussed on the body, often depicted in undefined spaces and separate from time.



Clint Margrave

Writer /USA
Clint Margrave is a poet and fiction writer from Los Angeles, USA. He is the author of Salute the Wreckage (2016) and The Early Death of Men (2012), both published by NYQ Books. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Threepenny Review, New York Quarterly, The Writer’s Almanac, Rattle, Cimarron Review, Verse Daily, The American Journal of Poetry, Word Riot, and Ambit (UK), among others. He is currently at work on his third book of poems, Visitor, which he’ll be writing and revising during his stay in Sofia. The poems in this collection explore the theme of being a “visitor” in all its possible connotations whether that means a visitor to another country or through one’s own memory or to life itself.

Roberta Mestieri

Visual Artist /  Brasil
Roberta Mestieri is a Brazilian artist based in Berlin who is interested in various media. She has worked as an actress, playwright, theater director and in the past eight years has been focused on painting. Roberta seeks to investigate the matter of painting, ink, color and body, also different forms and the  balance between the shape of the canvas and the painting itself. Her work has endless layers, which overlap and are then removed, in a long process, leaving traces that allow the final work to show up. Or not!

Teona Chanishvili

Visual  art / Georgia
Teona Chanishvili is an artist from Georgia. For several years she has been cooperating with publishing houses as a book designer, illustrator and Editor in art. As an artist she focuses on painting in a contemporary figurative style. Main theme in her art is a human. With colors and symbols she reflect their fillings, thoughts, emotions, what turns realism into fantasy.

Valerie Wilson

 Printmaking & Embroidery / USA
Valerie Wilson is a San Francisco-based artist & recovering techie, who is both a procrastinator and a perfectionist. Her passion and skills lie in relief printmaking and embroidery (most often using both mediums in conjunction).  Valerie's main objective as an artist is to define processes through open learning and experimentation. End results are nice, but the journey to get there butters her bread more. Valerie's work tends to highlight her whimsical nature and eye for detail, often pulling inspiration from the natural world and geometry.

Irina Skornyakova

Multidisciplinary / Russia- USA
Irina Skornyakova is multidisciplinary artist & curator. Oringinally from Moscow, Russia she hes lived in Japan, across many parts of the US, Berlin and has curated happenings, exhibitions in the Portland (ME) and Boston (MA) regions. Her most recent curatorial project, Hybrid Realities, brought togther female artists exploring the themes of femininity, identity, fantasy vs. reality. She is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design and currently resides in Portland (ME).






Photography / Australia
Sophia's work is informed by the effects of our relationships with others and more importantly, to the self. Loss, absence and division feature strongly in her work. Visually, meaning is manifest via symbolic objects and intense focus on composition and light. Inspired by the painters of the Renaissance, Ida Sophia follows their story-telling style in richly produced images, dramatic, emotionally inspired scenes and explorations of colour and sumptuousness.

Megan Hepburn

Painting, perfumery/  Canada
Megan Hepburn received her Master of Fine Art from Concordia University, Quebec and Bachelor of Fine Art from Emily Carr University, Canada. Her painting-based practice earned the Joseph Plaskett Award in Painting in 2010, and was shortlisted for the Royal Bank of Canada Painting Prize in 2010 and 2015. Her work has exhibited across Canada and in Europe since 2006, and her writing has been published in journals including The apilano Review, AAB and The Benefit of Friends Collected. Recent exhibitions include Dark Sands Ask Why You Talk So Fast at Deluge Contemporary in Victoria, Canada and Banana Dust at Spare Room, Vancouver, Canada. A  ovice perfumer, she has a longstanding fascination with odour, and has recently launched the perfume line Cracher Dans La Soupe Parfum. Megan currently resides in the un-ceeded territory of the xʷməθkwəy̓ əm (Musqueam), Skwxwu7mesh (Squamish), and Səl̓ilwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations.

Áine O'Hara

Multidisciplinary artist / Ireland
 Áine O'Hara is a multidisciplinary artist and theatre-maker from Ireland. Áine uses theatrical techniques and crafts as a tool for storytelling. Áines current work looks at the complex relationship between trauma and chronic illness.

Setsuko Maho

Visual Art /  Japan
Setsuko Maho is a self-taught Japanese artist and printmaker based in London and Tokyo. In that time she’s been exploring the range of possibilities, techniques and methods available in screen-printing to produce artwork that fascinates.  The core concept of her artwork; “Wonder” brings inspiration and that becomes an artwork, her artwork comes from sudden intuition and fleeting emotions from her everyday life. She express her feelings of particular moment by collage; using colours and shapes to create an abstract screen print of her original patterns: to incorporate both her paintings and fabric works.

Hannah Yuill

Visual  art / Scotland
Embarking on a methodical journey, she create repetitive drawings and paintings which transport not only myself but also the audience into a land of darkness. Her practice centres around mental health, focusing mainly on depression and the cloud that surrounds such an ominous topic – even in todays world. She tend to create in a large scale as to transport the audience into an experience that can only be perceived when being part of the artwork. It is being emerged in the shadows, a realm of eternal sadness and conflict within ones being. The darkness can be so utterly overwhelming and inconsolable but whilst creating these repetitive art works, it can act as a sort of therapy to help calm one’s mind even if only for a short while. It can be an escape from the harsh reality that can be our lives.

Natalia Rivera Riffo

Visual Art / Chile
Natalia Rivera Riffo is a Chilean visual artist, based in Paris. The works of Natalia are strange, poetic, metaphorical, and play with materiality and the paradox of form. Each work aims to make a social and cultural connection through various mediums, including urban installation, video, painting, and sculpture. Natalia seeks to create geometrical abstraction by exploring the intersections where opposites converge: the rational and visceral, form and formlessness, stability and instability, control and chaos. The complexity of human nature is also a great source of inspiration.

Emma Rssx

Visual art / France
 To gaze at the shedding paint on a wall, through the lens of a camera. To get lost in the crowd of objects, born on the page with watercolours. To look, stare, and escape, out of time. Emma Rssx has a multidisciplinary practice which ranges from painting, drawing, writing, photography and moving images. Her work is an invitation to contemplate the intricacies of the world. To get lost amidst the chaos of her mind. A place where colours are made salient by the surrounding darkness, where disorder expands, untamed.




Adam Riches

Drawing / UK
Adam graduate Fine Art from the U.K. Since graduating in 2016, he has been working full time as an artist. His work is predominantly concerned with the exploration of the human form, through the processes of drawing and painting. It is an emotional response to the human condition-in particular, the way humans behave towards one and other.




Yugo Kohrogi

Painting / Japan
Though paintings, I examine uncertain things and ambiguous things that transform.As a starting point, light and colors are the themes and human bodies are the motifs. Graduated from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, MA, Yugo is aiming for expression of paintings, with originality and modernity, by the paintings themselves, such as colors, textures, lines, and illusion, without relying on the narratives or specific social references.

Charles Sheppa

Design / animation / USA
Charles Sheppa works in graphics and animation with a focus on interactive works. He studied with a BA focus in interactive design and completed a graduate degree with a focus in science communication. His recent work uses live animation and digital puppets to incorporate new flexibility into normally rigid interactive systems, promoting unique audience experiences and interactions with his work. He is also interested in more traditional digital animation with narratives revolving around topics in psychology and science.

Alex Dabi Zhevi

Visual Artist & Publisher / Bulgaria-Australia
Alex maps the habits, slang, sex and politics of people. Eschewing the typical approach of publishing easy-to-swallow stories, instead, he uses photography, documentary and publishing to expose bias in social and cultural conventions. This narrative and analytical approach create new maps where the viewer, subject, and artist can inhabit together. Additional aims for his time in Sofia are investigations into the linguistic heritage and cultural values of young Slavs and their relationships to identify, diaspora and generational change.

Zara Monet Feeney

Painting /USA
Zara received a BA from UCLA and an MFA in painting from LCAD. Her paintings alternate between layers of transparent vs. opaque imagery and exploited vs. subdued color relationships. Aiming for the work to fluctuate with intensity in a nonformulaic way, she is fastidious with what is flat and what recedes. Once there is a newly articulated compositional hierarchy, she can extend the reveri into strange unexpected conceptual spaces. Instead of disguising an artifice into the interworking of the painted illusion (like a window into another world), her work actually highlights the painting’s inherent flatness and exaggerates the mere idea of trickery itself. By utilizing stratagems of perception and displaying a dramatic dynamic with the space occupied, she hopes to set up a curious and reflexive viewing experience.



Daniel Sueiras

 Painter / Spain
Daniel's work is strongly influenced by anthroplogy and basic biology. A sort of existencialism that focuses in the relationship of mankind and nature, usually showing humans as animals that forgot what they are, or animals represent in the way we do represent the most prestigious characters of our species. His pieces often show descontextualize reality in order to make us rethink our standarts and perception of the world in and surround us.

Antonia Dimitrova

Printmaking & Expressive Arts / Bulgaria-USA
Antonia uses intermodal process to catalyze dialogues that explore tensions between lived experience and human longing. In her personal practice, she layers movement, sound, written word and image to process personal memories and experiences, giving voice to new narrative of awareness, growth, reconciliation and deepened spirituality. Through both her personal practice as well as the practice of facilitating intermodal creative process with others, she desires to serve as a change agent in the world, inspiring the telling of old and new stories through the arts - beginning with those closest to her and stretching as far as her work will reach.




Maja Björk

Textile art & embrodery / Sweden
Maja Björk is a Swedish textile artist and illustrator based in Berlin. She graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2016 in textile design. She works with mixed media and her pieces are often a collaged composition with painting as foundation, enhanced with free embroidery and random found objects .The motifs are illustrative depictions of everyday life to capture the era that we live in at the moment, with a quirky touch of colours and emotions.

Justyna Stanczew

Visual and Performance Artist  / Australia & Poland
Justyna Stanczew is a multi-disciplinary artist working with performance, sound, video and sculpture and recently graduated from her Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours). She has been using her body as a tool for interacting within places and spaces and she is intrigued with how we form spatial awareness and relationships. Focusing on mostly the in-between and unnoticed spaces/places, Stanczew attempts to examine how our physical placement can be predetermined for us by everyday structures and how we can challenge and go against them.

Martina Frattura

Lighting Designer & artist,  junior IALD member/ Italy
Her focus is on the acute effect of light on the brain, on mood, sense of vitality, a perception of happiness and its consistency. Martina developed my master thesis on "How to induce shared feelings through light" With a joint program of the Lighting Laboratory at KTH, Stockholm, and the HTI department at Tu/e, Eindhoven.
She will now travel for one year, gathering data for her project: A BEAUTIFUL LIGHT.  The aim is to create spaces/environment where to experience personal improvement and self-awareness.

Lisette van Oostveen

Visual artist / Netherlands
Lisette studied Art&Design and is currently doing her bachelor in Fine Arts. She mainly examines human behaviour and eye contact which is a recurring theme in her work. She is also fascinated by slow and meditative processes such as analogue photography and ceramics which gives her work a nostalgic vibe. She likes to work with multiple mediums, and to see her work evolve through different materials. Her work also shows raw edges in relation to life's imperfections.




Sze-Wai Wong 

Paintings / Hong Kong
Sze-Wai Wong is an artist who born and based in Hong Kong. She graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, BA. in Fine Arts. She focuses on the sensation of being an outsider and she concerns the theme of time, memories and dreams. By the means of exploring different types of painting materials and elements from both the eastern and western art, especially from the Chinese mural paintings, she created her own painting method in a way of mixed materials. The depiction of the ancient elements in her artworks enable the audience travel from time to time and space to space. She tried to break the consistency of the time line into different pieces to present time in a different way.



Julia Valencia

Installation and drawing / Spain
Julia Valencia is an artist and a creative director. Mostly installation-oriented, Julia Valencia examines reality in pursuit of mundane revelation. Her work unravels the magnificence that lies in the ordinary through the design and construction of sacred, intimate spaces. Using appropriation and decontextualization, her installations confer a new interpretation, a different way of experiencing, placing what looks trivial on an altar. Julia Valencia finds essential to spot and remove all the superfluous, worthless layers in order to discover what's truly vital. The conquest of beauty and balance is the ultimate, crucial goal, the impulse enlightening all intentions, making sense across all actions. Beauty matters.

Gionna Cuccolo

Visual Artist/ USA
Mixed Media artist and traveler, Gionna Cuccolo's process-based work explores architecture through abstraction. Venturing into solo travel after graduating from Fordham University in New York in 2015, Gionna spent over two years hitchhiking thousands of kilometers around Europe and living locally in the cultures and places she visited. Inspired by architectural spaces and the geometry of their internal structures, Gionna's work hopes to evoke the processes of creation, alteration, and deterioration of architecture through conceptualizing and abstracting them. By creating images through a heavily processed methodology, Gionna aims to depict something on the cusp of identifiability and completion; something familiar yet totally abstract, leaving the viewer grasping, in a connect the dots fashion, to make sense of the image in view.

Sophia Dias

Illustration and Art Installation / Brazil
 "Homs Arthaus believes that everything is a collapse, a chemical reaction that keeps everything moving, an experiment. A parallel universe with opposite ideas, collapsing each other, exposing similarities. Polarities will emerge creating equality of meanings and ambiguous interpretations, capturing the exact moment exchange of meanings. The concept of diversity and different interpretations creating new visions, and the equivocal will became simply diversity of itself. Contrast is needed to create a distinguishable reality - without we would experience nothingness. We depend on our opponents to prove existence.  But we grow and develop in the same source: nature; where opposing forces do not exchange reciprocally to promote stabilization. We are all manifestations of nature and without our opposite, we do not exist. But in the same way as we diverse we can unify the transition, the dualism of sources transmit a liable process. This process is always alive and moving."

Jane Walker

Painter / UK
 Jane’s art practice is an exploration line in 2D work. Having come from a traditional painting background, Jane has reduced painting down to just lines. The lines in her works articulate space. The calligraphic marks she uses have come from drawing dense urban environments from high viewpoints, the marks have become a shorthand for cities.


James Oscar Lee

Visual  Artist  / USA
James Oscar Lee is a two and three dimensional artist from Detroit, USA. He creates emotional landscapes through his applications of acrylic and oil based paints on woven fibers.

Hochul Lee

Visual art / South Korea
Hochul Lee is a visual artist from South Korea who explores the human life and free will.
He creates formative art by using a pottery technique and also enjoys experimenting with mixing different mediums. His artworks made in clay are emphasizing the separated limbs from the body.

Ruby Cedar

Fine Art / United Kingdom
Ruby is interested in challenging typically hierarchical forms of education as a means to producing inclusive spaces and meaningful exchanges. She is also interested in the way that words & language constantly reconstruct our experience of reality and our grip on a sense of self. Her practice attempts to locate her own boundaries of self in order to attempt to transgress them. Ruby's work groups together: video, drawing and writing with an experiential, performative and often socially engaged practice.

Sharon Moses

Painting and Drawing / South African
Having graduated with a BFA (Hons) in Fine Art from Rhodes University as well as a BA Honours in German Studies, Sharon draws inspiration from classical portraiture, literature and academic discourse alike. She is primarily concerned with the materiality of paint as subject matter, as well as the expression of the gaze in figurative portraits. Recent works have focused on spaces and roles inhabited by women; however continually pushing the boundaries of paint is instrumental to her practice – she is not restricted by scale, subject matter or medium.

Filip Gabriel Pudło 

Media Art / Poland
Graduated from Warsaw University of Technology and The Polish National Film, Television and Theater School in Łódź at Cinematography and Television Production Department. He makes video artworks and programs installations. He is interested in generative, permutation and net art. His recent research based on network real-time images explores Japanese aesthetics. He lives and works in Warsaw.

Aleksandra Korszuń

Photographer & intermedia artist/ Poland
Since 2015 Aleksandra is an owner of a photo studio, where she has ongoing opportunity to broaden her professional and artistic experience. Her professional passion is image creation with the use of various media: photography, lm, graphic design, internet techniques. The artist is especially focused on what is invisible or of what one is unaware. The theme still present in her works is searching for mechanisms which in influence our choices and decisions. She refers to the body and tensions which appear while performing roles in the context of power and manipulation. Their multitude is a constant challenge and evokes the urge to discover what or who is a man in his essence; where the limit of one SELF-begins and where it ends.


Visual Artist / USA
Kevin Brophy is a language-based artist who creates visual and textual spaces, objects, and performances that explicate discreet systems repositioned across platforms to break with normative, capitalist structures and to create psychological distance. Her practice often mimics the cultural dominant; such as mass and social media, products, and games, in order to evaluate socio-political power structures. She holds a BA in Studio Arts and Creative Writing from the University of South Florida, and an MFA in Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University as a Regina and Marlin Miller fellow. Brophy has performed and exhibited in museums and galleries, including Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa; MoCA, Cleveland; and Miller Gallery, Pittsburgh. She is a founding member of [UNDISCLOSED] collective and Problemagic.

Joshua Watts

Visual Artist and Educator / UAE
Originally from the United States, Joshua Watts received his undergraduate degree from Bradley University and Master of Fine Arts at the University of South Dakota, with a concentration in Printmaking.  He is currently an Associate Professor of Visual Arts at Zayed University in Dubai.  His most recent works compress lengths of time onto a single flat surface that blends multiple moments into a cohesive narrative.  Created using thousands of images collected over the course of many days, these works are amalgamations of emergent behaviors revealed through the passage of time.


Johana Trayanova

Film and Photography / Sofia, Bulgaria 
She has graduated for a scriptwriter, and nowadays these can be seen in her photographs. Her series is telling stories.
Her photography style can be described as the thin line between the worlds of imagination and reality. Her projects observe and focus on the dreams, imagination and the past. When mixing them three - then one can dive in her photography world which aim is also to provoke the audience to get back to the past moments, the dreams and mixing them two in the world of imagination.

Gergana Nikolova

Painter / Sofia, Bulgaria 
Gergana Nikolova graduated with B.A. and M.A. in Painting from the National Academy of Art, Sofia. She works mainly with painting and her work is driven by different sources – music, books, personal experiences and etc. Gergana also plays the piano and does sports climbing – that reflects on her paintings.

Hannah Carroll Harris

Visual Artist and sculpture/ Australia
Hannah Carroll Harris is a sculpture and installation artist with a background in textiles from Sydney, Australia. Drawing inspiration from the Australian landscape, her practice engages in a process of collection and re-assemblage, working directly with natural materials as well as site-specifically within the landscape.Bringing together disparaging elements, both natural and man-made, her works are a record of her encounters with the environment. Her hybrid sculptures complicate our comprehension of what we classify as natural or unnatural, forcing us to renegotiate our relationship to the world around us.  


Maya Land

Interdisciplinary artist/ USA
Land is an interdisciplinary artist, dancer, gatherer, and observer interested in exploring relationships between space//place//body//self through diverse media and investigative techniques. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a B.S. in Environmental Systems and minor in Visual Arts. In searching for meaningful communication between disparate layers of a landscape, she has developed tools that engage and play with these forces. From performative interventions to hand-sculpted shapes, her works explore relations of the body to the environment, notions of exteriority/other, touch and gender.

Donna Tam

Visual art / Singapure
Donnaʼs inspiration of her art practice comes from nocturnal luminous windows in urban places. Window acts as a gateway to the unknown world. It is also a transitional state between melancholy and hope, imaginary and reality. She investigates how light and colour interact to create an intimate imaginary space of contemplation, mystery and longing, which seems paradoxical to the busy and chaotic city life. Her artworks are expressed in different media from abstract/monochromatic paintings, photographic lightboxes to installations. Donnaʼs works have been exhibited in China, Hong Kong and Portugal. 



Dessislava Terzieva

Visual and Performance Artist  / USA & Bugaria
Dessislava Terzieva is a Bulgarian multidisciplinary artist and designer living and working in Detroit, USA. She uses a variety of mediums, including but not limited to - sculpture, installation, performance - to explore and communicate notions such as identity, nostalgia and the immigrant experience. During her stay in her hometown of Sofia, Dessislava created a collection of wearable sculptures (clothing). In response to fast fashion and the environmental destruction it causes, Dessislava uses preexisting garments and found materials. Furthermore, clothing is used as a canvas to showcase 2d collages which tell tales of global decay. The dark imagery is juxtaposed with the beautiful garments as n intermingling of both creation and destruction. This project aims to use fashion as a communicator, the sharer of knowledge and of personal narrative.

Qinza Najm

Visual Artist / New York, USA
Qinza Najm is a Pakistani-American artist. She completed her Psychology Ph.D. in the United States, which enables her to explore her subconscious and bring it into her artwork. She pursued her fine arts studies at Bath University England and The Art Students League of New York. Drawing from her upbringing in Lahore, Pakistan and adulthood in the United States. Qinza often uses the motif of bodies stretched, deconstructed, distorted and pushed beyond their limit. Qinza's work deals with how notions of gender, political, and cultural power play out across geography and social identification.  Her works range from painting, sculpture, installation and performance art.She has exhibited at Queens Museum, Miami Art Basel, Sikka Art Dubai, Governors Island Art Fair, and Museum of Moving Images.

Hangama Amiri 

Fine Arts / Afghan-Canadian
Hangama Amiri is an Afghan artist who paints on the subject of childhood memory, cross-cultural dialogue, and Afghan feminism. She paints in the styles of representational realism and abstract realism, using large-scale two-dimensional surfaces, integrating mixed media: oil, acrylic, screen-printing, and earth. She has exhibited her paintings nationally and internationally, recently in New York City, Toronto, France, Italy and London (UK). Her collaborative project, "Dome of Secret Desires" was shortlisted at 5th Passion For Freedom Festival London (UK), 2013, and her recent collaborative video project, "My Motherland" 2015 was premiered at Aga Khan Museum in Toronto.

Mina Milosavljevic

Paintings & drawings / Serbia
Painting is for me a spontaneous process of introspection and meditation and a practice of freedom. It is also a participation in an invisible world, shared by those willing to see it. The subjects, techniques and motives don't matter and vary, as long as the process leads to a discovery of new awareness and new ways of being.

Manny Yip 

Visual Artist / Hong Kong
Manny is a visual artist and educator who graduated with a B.A. in Fine Art from Hong Kong Art School and RMIT University majoring in Painting. She recalls the human activity and attitude that may have been forgotten in the pressures of metropolitan life. She uses her photographs of human action as the basis of her painting. She believes the subtle hinges represent a person attitude the best. She likes to retain the characteristics of natural materials and human produce with a combination. Each piece has a touch of handmade, or irregularity, that humanizes


Victoria Manganiello

Artist, educator & producer / USA
Artist creates paintings by spinning, dying and weaving her own canvases, using materials like synthetic and natural dyes, cotton, silk and other mixed materials. Exploring themes of time, space, technology and history with abstract imagery, her paintings and installations seek to physically control and manipulate space. Created on a floor loom, every millimeter of the material used to form these paintings and installations has passed through her fingers, each mark carefully considered, yet motivated by intuition. Her work often focuses on the mysterious and inspiring results of collaboration both between persons and materials.

Ruri Watanabe

Painter and visual artist / Japan
My artworks are constructed by painting, drawing, object, words and sometimes performance. And I continue to make earthenwares using the clay that made from the soil by myself. Each element must be the unfinished fragment. They are constructed to several temporary stories at the exhibition space by connecting each other. The motive for painting is to capture the primitive feeling from inside of my mind and I try to create a kind of myth without logical reasoning.

Yuan Nos

Designer & Photographer / Taiwan
Yuan is a designer who doesn't want to be categorized and limited. She graduated from the Industrial Design Department at Cheng Kung University. She is interested in exploring relationships between identity, symbols, and concepts. For her, it's all about how humans communicate and create with each other, in relation to politics, history, social & culture.

alex cruse

writer and visual artist / U.S.
alex cruse is an Oakland, California-based writer, artist, and educator, whose work synthesizes the disciplines of poetry, video, installation, and new media. Her work primarily concerns how governmentality and technologized informational/linguistic structures orient experience and affective exchange. cruse holds a B.A. in Media Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.

Miguel Sopena

Painter & visual artist / Spain
Miguel Sopena is an artist and photographer originally from Valencia, Spain, but now based in London. As a visual artist, his work so far has been mainly figurative, with a strong focus on the human figure, but he has recently started working in an increasingly abstract way, exploring the ground between figuration and abstraction as well as themes of memory and belonging. Miguel works mainly with drawing and painting but employs other media (such as photography and printmaking) so that all these strands of work may inform and cross-pollinate each other.

Fiona O'Neill

Textile artist / Ireland
 Fiona is an artist and designer based in Dublin. While studying Textile Design, she fell in love with embroidery and hasn't looked back since. Through a mixture of traditional Irish craftsmanship and contemporary techniques, Fiona creates distinctive pieces that reflect her playful approach to art. 


Jessica Donley

Dancer/ New Orleans, USA
Jessica Donley has been dancing social dances such as Cajun, Zydeco, Swing-Out, Hip Hop and the New Orleans Second Line since she could walk. Jessica has studied ballet, modern and jazz techniques as a way to enter the professional dance world, however, her passion remains for the more organic movement styles. She is keen on learning as many dance forms and rhythms of the African Diaspora in the Americas and in Africa. She earned her BAS from Louisiana State University in Cultural Anthropology and Dance. She lived and served two and a half years in the Peace Corps in Esmeraldas, Ecuador. Jessica has been devising her own movement technique- Organic Contemporary. She is the co-founder of a dynamic non-profit organization, Dancing Grounds.

Eva Schmitt

Visual Artist / Berlin, Germany
Even though she attended classes and courses in art topics and techniques since childhood she opted for studies in psychology and public health at the beginning of her academic training. During her studies, she concerned and experienced artwork as a media in psychiatric contexts which she consolidated in postgraduate studies in art psychotherapy. After a personal crisis, she turned again to and focused on creative painting. Favorite topics of her work are urban landscapes representing snapshots of modern life concerning the state of minds as inner spaces reflecting in outer spaces and social issues as an environmental condition. As favorite techniques, she uses acrylic, paintings (linoleum cut and diverse materials), mixed media on canvas. She is creating as well silver jewelry, recently in combination with glass (beads), Her newest passions and fields of experimentations are lampwork beads and glass objects as well as weaving.

Allison Bernadette Long

Visual artist & singer-songwriter/ Canada
Her work is primarily driven by narrative; touching on themes such as childhood, memory, mental health/wellness, and spirituality.  Allison is an avid believer in a stream of consciousness writing as a means to connect with one's deepest self, and as a source of inspiration and motivation.  Her work varies in media but in most cases entwines or references her writing.  Allison completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts ( majoring in drawing and painting) at OCAD University and also completed a Certificate in Commercial Jazz Music, as a vocal major.

Jaxton Su

Visual Artist / Singapure
As an artist who works intuitively, Jaxton specializes in painting and enjoys experimenting with the use of colors in portraying peculiar narratives that delve into the notions of archetypes and the imaginary. He is currently interested in the idea of anthropomorphism of the landscape and how it could bridge a connection between the natural environment and the self. Through his works, he hopes to create a visual utopia that could form a resonation with others and spark an imagination.



Ioanna Sakellaraki

Photographer/ Greece- Belgium
Born in 1989 in Athens, Greece, Ioanna currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. She is a graduate of Photography and Journalism and a postgraduate of European Urban Cultures. She documents urban decay and lost architectural ruins and she focuses part of her work on memory and territory. She is very much interested in the relationship between her photography practice and ideas relating to aesthetically "mapping" the historical and contemporary context of relations with global and social systems of power. In the past, she has collaborated with Caters News Agency and she is currently a Contributor for Barcroft Media providing photography content to major global media such as The Guardian, CNN, The Telegraph, Getty Images and others. In the past, she has also worked as a Writer/Editor for cultural websites and Communications Strategist for non-governmental organizations in Europe.


Anmarie Soucie

Writer & performer / USA
Anmarie Soucie holds a B.A. in creative writing and literature from New York University, and has published poetry, fiction, and non-fiction work in a variety of journals and magazines, including: NYU's Dovetail journal, 3Elements Review, RISE anthology, Hive magazine, Beautiful Bizarre, Resource magazine, Resource Travel, The Lo-Down, and so on. Anmarie's writing follows raw, fractured, and wounded characters, whose darker narratives she aims to give light through the medium of writing.

Patrice Robinson

Photographer / UK
Patrice is a freelance photographer who holds an MA in Art & Design. His work focuses on capturing the environment around him by focusing on the smallest of objects that although unnoticed form an integral piece of the land. His interest is to use the medium of photography as a way to present the relationship between art and the modern world.

Marie Brenneis 

Visual artist / England
 She has a BA in Fine Art & Photography (UEL) and an MA in The Performance and the Body: Dance Theatre ( Trinity Laban). Her sculptural installations are often composed of everyday found objects, which are often painted in bright kitsch colors. The core of her work explores breaking hierarchies of space within the gallery white cube setting and public space. she does this through assemblage, destabilizing the clarity of ontological meaning through her awkward placing of objects and contingent arrangements. As a result, the viewers are suddenly faced with either a breathing totem symbol of the flaws of a contemporary capitalist world or to an entrance of an imagined reality. Currently, she is a Practice based Ph.D. Candidate at London Metropolitan University.


Bethany Walker

Designer & artist / U.K.
Bethany Walker is designer, maker and artist with a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Crafts. She predominantly works in metal and glass to create her work, usually in sculptural form. Every piece she creates tells a story or conveys a message to the viewer. She is interested in all aspects of craft and design, especially how materials react with each other. Currently, she is exploring site-specific work and the role it can play in evoking certain thoughts and feelings.


Evelyn Wong

Fiction Writer / Canada
Having studied Linguistics and worked in the Marketing industry for the past two decades, Evelyn is now turning to her true love: fiction writing. Fascinated by the world around her, she dabbles in the question of what reality is to different people through her writing. She loves to write science fiction, thrillers, suspense, with a hint of erotica.