Online Artist Residency

This December, the WOC Online Artist Residency was hosting seven international artists - Amalia Galdona Broche, Anikó Sáfrán , Maryam Khaleghiyazd, Chelsea Stewart, Lizzie Essi , Margaret R. Thompson and Siddharth Pathak. Below you can see their latest works created during the month in the virtual art program.

During the next days, you can watch the artist talks on IGTV @worldofcoresidency

  • Alex Braidwood – Tuesday (08.12) 17:00 UTC
  • Janine-Annette Littmann – Wednesday (09.12) 17:00 UTC
  • Juan Pablo Medina – Friday (11.12) 17:00 UTC

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Online exhibition space

Vol.6, October 2020

This October, the WOC Online Artist Residency was hosting four international artists -Anna Rose, Joshua Unikel, Megan James Goodman, Re Philips. Below you can see their latest works created during the month in the virtual art program.

On Friday, November -nd at 00:00 UTC ( 00am EST and 00am CST) you can watch the artist talk of Name and Name on IGTV @worldofcoresidency

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Online Artist Residency
Virtual Exhibition Vol.8
December 2020

During March & April, the WOC Online Artist Residency was hosting diverse international artists. During this online exhibition, you will have the chance to enjoy to the artworks created by Emily Moores, Lisa Moriarty, Suzi Garner, Lisa Hennig-Olsen and Xiaoyi Gao.

Until 25th May, you can see their newly created projects on our website! Stay tuned during the next days and watch the following artist talks on our Instagram page: @worldofcoresidency

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Study for Broken Freeway Bridge 2

Study for Broken Mirror (Submerged Freeway)

Once Upon a Time There Was A Freeway
Suzi Garner

Once Upon a Time There Was A Freeway is an investigation into my complicated relationship with the land adjacent to the I-880 freeway running through Emeryville and Berkeley, CA. These early experiments are attempts to see both the reality we have created for ourselves (by 2100 this portion of the freeway will be submerged in the sea) and also to envision possible futures (such as greenery taking over the freeway overpasses). As the project develops, I hope to look deeper into the power of the land and sea to heal and help us survive. Eventually I hope this project will lead from a bleak outlook into finding and amplifying symbols of resilience within the natural and social environment.

Suzi Garner
Мulti-media artist, USA

Suzi Garner is a multi-media artist focusing on social practice and video installation. She received a BFA in Photography from UH Manoa in 2002. From 2002-to 2013 she lived in Vietnam working with ethnic minority populations on photo-documentary and heritage preservation projects. She received an MA in Heritage and Sustainable Development in 2008 and moved to the Bay Area in 2013. Using recycled materials, light and shadow, and found or natural objects she collaborates with individuals, communities, and the environment to create situations that are documented with photography, text, audio, and video to create installations and performances. She sees her work as a vehicle for evolving her relationship to the community and the environment. Current themes include amplifying the voices of unhoused community members, reflecting on the power of the land around the I-580 freeway, and exploring the challenges of motherhood.

Breathing Space
Lisa Moriarty

I began continuing work on a piece using encaustic and paper on wood panel, however, wanting to use this opportunity to work outside the boundaries I am accustomed to. I am familiar with encaustic and paper and began integrating fabric into my work. With no boundary that the board typically provides I was feeling very challenged. I sought support, guidance, and input from other artists both participating in the residency and locally. While this was a challenging undertaking, I found comfort in the familiar. I continue to reference color, light and shapes from coastal shorelines and held onto a repetitive process of creating encaustic monotypes. Each hand cut and printed monotype was stitched together to achieve its current form.

Lisa Moriarty
Mixed-media artist, USA

Lisa Moriarty is a native Californian, born and raised in the San Francisco-Bay Area. Lisa is largely a self-taught artist. What began as a therapeutic escape, her artistic journey evolved into a much needed and welcomed creative outlet, becoming a place of contemplation and self-expression. After becoming fascinated by encaustic medium, she sought to learn everything she could. With a background in Occupational Therapy, Lisa has always been drawn to process and applies this focus to her creative practice. Her process focuses on regular playful experimentation and exploration, drawing much of her inspiration from the California coastal shoreline.

Emily Moores

‘Enchantment’ is an upcoming installation, which will take place in Sheridan, WY in December 2022. The beginning of creation took place during the World of Co Residency. Materials that were used in this phase were paper and rope.

Emily Moores
Visual artist, USA

”My art work investigates the playful movement of a body as essential to understanding and experiencing spaces or objects. I transform a space into a whimsical and immersive environment using colorful patterns, textures, and ornamentation. Play increases energy and releases positive endorphins. My goal is to use the movement of an individual’s body to empower their imagination. Simply looking and observing abstract art is play.”

Yi Yu, work in progress, (dream talking)
Xiaoyi Gao

With the development of social media, more and more people are willing to share their lives with others. Do we get to know each other better? Are we closer to others because of that? In addition to positive feelings, we often are afraid, skeptical, or even disgusted about the overwhelming intimacy. In some daily objects and pictures, its normal demise and wear and tear represent the subtle and undetected emotions that have gradually disappeared in this era of consumerism. This series is an experiment to bring my private feelings into contact with public space and vision in an unadorned and low-key manner.


Xiaoyi Gao
Mixed-media artist, China

Influenced by the rapid urban transitions in China she has experienced since her childhood, Xiaoyi Gao is drawn by the intimacy brought by different subjects that coexist in public and private space. Her work is greatly inspired by everyday life and urban public infrastructure. Gao’s visual language introduces the viewers her observation of both private and collective experience hidden in changes brought by social media and technology.

Physical motions, carried through her own and others’ bodies, appear in several of her pieces, displaying her inspection of intimacy between people. Usually captured in films, performance and installations, narrations of personal memory is also a recurring theme in Gao’s work. She collects photos, audio recordings, films, text messages or letters to use as her materials.

Body of Evidence
Lisa Hennig-Olsen

Performance for moving image
Digital edits and distortion
Audio and photography

     As we are flesh, so we are transient and ephemeral. Or are we?
     The lines of our synchronous existence in the physical and digital realms are becoming gradually indistinguishable, our transition from human to Cyborg has begun. By shedding our corporeal bodies, we start to shed pre-existing conceptions of identity.

     Are you experiencing the uncanny feeling of being aware of the implications and consequences of your actions, and their, literally, world altering reverberations? Welcome to the Anthropocene! What the Anthropocene sees is the culpability and our fragility as humans. The world is an uncanny place when billionaires are racing to space with their speculations of Armageddon in sight. Can we avoid hysteria? Can we listen to nature’s language, and better our home through the synergy of humanity and nature?

     Does Cyberia offer an opportunity of transformation and performance of infinite identities through becoming digital? Will the future bring a different aspect to being trans? Transhuman – the wish to get rid of the physical body, to exclusively exist in a digital realm? Which costs would such an existence entail? What would the loss of senses such as touch, taste and smell mean for the experience of being human? Could we still consider ourselves human without a tangible body? Or what would it mean to gain new senses through artificial sense design?

     I believe that our constructed environments should focus on decay rather than disposal, but what does that mean for humanity? We are constantly looking for the elixir of life, pushing boundaries of our physical bodies and health through altering and manufacturing new bodies and digital prosthetics, finding new ways to cure diseases, methods of enhancing our capabilities, and pre- determining the dispositions of posterity. It may bring about a positive new reality, and it lies close ahead. Therefore, I see it as our current duty to pin down and interrogate the ethical implications of our developments now.

     Looking ahead, I see compost.
     How can we find equanimity when the scores of our daily routines are decomposing? Do we orchestrate temporal compositions? Or do we wait till all is compost before we use its fertility as additive for new structures? Can our current embargo force a doctrine of change? If every abyss is a mountain, how can we turn the aiguilles to the sky, initiating new harmonies and oscillation? Will we realize that our existence is linked? And whilst searching for nectar, do we understand our belonging to the expansive ecosystem that is Earth?

Project sources: Neri Oxman, Erin Striff, Donna Haraway, Legacy Russel, Philip Auslander, Julia Kristeva, Judith Butler, Shalini Kantayya, Joy Buolamwini, Cathy O’Neil, Meredith Broussard, Arundhati Roy, Neil Harbisson

Lisa Hennig-Olsen
Interdisciplinary artist, Norway

Lisa’s interdisciplinary practice moves between the ephemeral and temporal, consisting of academic research amalgamated with material and bodily investigation taking form as performance art, moving image, painting and sculpture. Probing ethical discourses, she creates activist and feminist statements and edutainment through task creation, physical and spatial scores, and experiments. Lisa holds an MA in Contemporary Art Practice from the Royal College of Art, London, and has studied Fine Arts and Design at Parsons School of Design, New York. During the residency at World of Co she has been working on her ongoing performance/moving image project Body of Evidence. In this exhibition, Lisa shares a selection of digital work in progress material – fragments.

Body of Evidence takes on an uncanny presence, as Lisa explores performance and voice work through adopting text extractions and personal reflections, probing viewers to contemplate and reconsider. What is the Cyber aesthetic? One might argue that this question is more of an artistic question, yet from the perspectives of theorists this question is interwoven in theory, as it is informed by various preconceptions of what it should be, what it could be, what it could change, and how it could make a change for people identifying as women. We have the possibility of creating a new world and a new humanity, in a way that is drastically different from our predecessors. Be it information, technology, politics or disease, its virality is unmatched today. Live art cements that the most profound moment is when you are simply present, yet it is vital in its position of critically questioning digital, humanoid and Cyborg advances.
ig: lisahennigolsen