Online Artist Residency

This December, the WOC Online Artist Residency was hosting seven international artists - Amalia Galdona Broche, Anikó Sáfrán , Maryam Khaleghiyazd, Chelsea Stewart, Lizzie Essi , Margaret R. Thompson and Siddharth Pathak. Below you can see their latest works created during the month in the virtual art program.

During the next days, you can watch the artist talks on IGTV @worldofcoresidency

  • Alex Braidwood – Tuesday (08.12) 17:00 UTC
  • Janine-Annette Littmann – Wednesday (09.12) 17:00 UTC
  • Juan Pablo Medina – Friday (11.12) 17:00 UTC

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Online exhibition space

Vol.6, October 2020

This October, the WOC Online Artist Residency was hosting four international artists -Anna Rose, Joshua Unikel, Megan James Goodman, Re Philips. Below you can see their latest works created during the month in the virtual art program.

On Friday, November -nd at 00:00 UTC ( 00am EST and 00am CST) you can watch the artist talk of Name and Name on IGTV @worldofcoresidency

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Virtual Exhibition

During the month of May, the WOC Online Artist Residency was hosting inspiring international artists. During this online exhibition, you will have the chance to enjoy to the artworks created by Niamh-Erin, Jennifer Reynolds and Gordon Lewis.

Until 29th August you can see their newly created projects on our website! Stay tuned during the next days and watch the following artist talks on our Instagram page: @worldofcoresidency

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“Crushingly beautiful”

“Heaven breaking through”

“Seeing angels”

“Ghost of summers past”

“The last star burnt to oblivion”

“Natures first green”
“This one is best kept for memory”
“Stars that fell to earth”
“Love you till i die”
“I see god in everything”

The gods are among us in the forest
Jennifer Reynolds

This project began out of my previous project,
I, a stranger and afraid, in a world I never made which explores natures consistency across the world and the sheer mortality of nature, particularly trees and the ocean, which have existed for far longer than my existence and will continue to exist after I leave this world.

The gods are among us in the forest follows a similar path, I began to question why we look outside of this world to find a god, or a higher power, when the gods could be among us in the forest. I wanted to capture a spiritual world inside nature, I combined images of trees, flowers, and sunsets together to create alterior dimensions. These images create dreamlike scenes, thinning the barrier between reality and the spiritual world.

Each individual photograph has been given a name which comes from a poem, or a song I was listening to at the time of creating the image.

Visual artist, Irleand

Jennifer Reynolds (b.2001)is a visual artist currently based in Dublin, Ireland. With a background in Art Film, she is currently completing a BA in photography in the Institute of Art Design and Technology in Dublin. Heavily centered on existential wondering, her work centers around nature. She captures the natural beauty of the world around her with a meditative and non-invasive approach. She explores human connection (or nowadays, more so disconnection ) with nature and questions our place in the world. She hopes through her photographs, she will re-ignite people’s love and connection to nature and help us realize that we are all a part of it, instead of a separate entity.

Ecological Playground
Niamh-Erin Cusack

Ecological Playground is a project undertaken by Niamh-Erin during her two-month residency with World of Co. She is excited by the reuse of materials, how humans interact with these objects, and how one can create an exhibition using only economically-friendly materials. Her latest project portrays with the concept of play, and how we interact with many accessible objects. As a child, Niamh-Erin found herself interested by the objects that surrounded her period of play. These objects include wooden frames which represent wooden toys, foam material which corresponds with soft teddies, and paper, which was used for drawing and painting on. This project is a conversation created between the passage of time and the artist’s growth over various experiences throughout her life.

Niamh-Erin exhibited her body of work through a wall installation within an open studio space, where she was able to invite the public to her “indoor interactive playground”. This exhibit of the work brought all the individuals’ paintings together and created an organized chaos of color and play. Ecological Playground works with the audience’s interaction within the portrayal of the installation, and how one can move through the space in an energetic and spontaneous way. Niamh-Erin recreates this vibrant energy through her bright colors, abstract designs and performative elements. The show duration was brief, similar to the experience with time that speedily passes by when one is having fun.

Niamh-Erin Cusack
Visual Artist, Berlin

Niamh-Erin Cusack is an Irish abstract visual artist who completed a BFA at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 2019 and a one-year international curatorial degree at Bauhaus University Weimar in 2018. She currently works as a visual artist and studio manager at the TURBA Factory Studios in Berlin, Germany.

Niamh-Erin undertook the project “the _unseen series” in 2017 and has been exploring the night sky ever since. She is determined to expand her knowledge in history and astronomy through research and her artistic gestures. Lines, brushstrokes and symbols are accurately measured to create colourful contemporary patterns and designs from various constellations through the medium of paint, photography and installation.

Gordon Lewis

My project for the month that I took part in the World of CO Residency I planned on creating artwork and music that would compliment one another. I wasn’t entirely sure what sort of direction I would go but I knew that I was on a mission to see what I could create. I brainstormed several ideas until I decided on what I was going to do. My goal was to blend art and music together to make a unique visual and auditory experience. My process was to start out with a musical composition and then incorporate elements of art using AI and Glitch Studio. I then matched the style of the music with art that fit the vibe well. I utilized a variety of different instrumentation both digital and analog to make sounds that captured the essence of the image. I think that each of the pieces that I came up with are a good representation of the style and genre they are associated with. Overall I accomplished what I set out to do during my artist residency. I set an intention to incorporate elements of art and music combining them together to create something that I feel is unique and original. I hope to continue to create more musical compositions and works of art in this category for future presentations

Gordon Lewis
Visual art & music, USA

Gordon Lewis’s approach to art is to use the materials at his disposal to create artwork that depicts images from deep within his psyche. He visualizes his own stylistic crafting to create artwork that is unusual, interesting, psychedelic, and original. Within the realm of his creative life, he hopes to use his designs to convey imagery that evokes a new way of thinking and understanding.