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The Basics of Storytelling - lecture with discussion by Ralitsa Kamenova

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1st June 22:00 GMT

The Basics of Storytelling - lecture with discussion
by Ralitsa Kamenova


Online Artist Residency program

WOC@Home virtual program is a way to re-connect within the art community, to provoke the creative exchange between international artists and to form another dimension of social interaction. The focus is on connecting artists and building new networks between them, through dialogue and experimentation.
The program gives the opportunity to dedicate creative time, to receive support and feedback from the WOC team, teachers and artists and find motivation to continue current projects or start a new one. You will also expand your audience through presence in World of Co social media channels, website and blog. The participants are also encouraged to participate in the online exhibition at the end of the program.

We are on a transformation journey to a virtual artist residency. Along with us are artists from around the globe. Together we are building an inspiring program and series of lectures. Through collaboration, our mission is to embrace creativity at home, encourage curiosity, and enhance connectivity among artists.


Apply for the one or two - month program

  • Regular meetings and activities throughout the month. Approximately three sessions per week.
  • Weekly live group meetings with fellow artists, focused on your work – discussion and exchange, moderated by WOC team
  • A Group critique which  helps you to conceptualize your art projects hosted by a professional artist
  • Building an effective online presence as an artist. Individual advices on your social media channels and website moderated by the WOC web and graphic designer
  • Internal meetups and discussions with previous WOC artists 
  • Exhibit your project in our online gallery at the end of the residency program 
  • Presenting you on the World of Co website and blog
  • Become part of our international artist network, which consisted of more than 200 artists across the globe

The residency fee for a one-month program is 270 EUR, and for two months is 450 EUR.

Note: World of Co will provide you with necessary documents if you are applying for a scholarship or funding.

World of Co

WOC@Home is an Online Artist Residency hosted by World of Co.

Since 2017, World of Co has organized the artist residency programs in Sofia, Bulgaria, introducing the local art and culture to more than 200 international artists. However, from May 2020, we introduced to our audience the virtual artist residency program in response to the circumstances that the organization was facing. We consider the online artist residencies is a relevant format for supporting and connecting artists in times of social isolation and limited travel opportunities. The program is well structured but at the same time is designed to be open, shaped by the ideas and the creative interaction.


The online program is open to emerging and mid-career visual artists, mixed media artists, painters, textile artists, illustrators, designers, writers, sound artists, multidisciplinary artists, curators and art researchers from all around the world.


In addition to evaluating the candidate’s professional background, during the selection World of Co team pay particular attention to the motivation to join the program.
The selected artists will be informed via email regarding the next steps to join the program. 



You can apply for one-month or two-month residency programs. In order to get a full experience of the program, we suggest you participate in the two-month program. 

Each session starts on the 5th day of the month.


WOC Calendar

23,24,25 July 2020
Video editing and storytelling BASICS

Workshop in three parts by Ralitsa Kamenova
Participation fee: 30 euro

Via structured sessions with examples and discussion this course will help you to communicate your ideas appropriately not only in video, but in general. You’ll get a sense of what are the basic rules and how you can experiment with them, or even break them.

23rd July  16:00 UTC
Part I:  The Basics of Storytelling
24th July  16:00 UTC
Part II:  The Language of Cinema
25th July  16:00 UTC
Part III:  Expanded cinema

30 June 2020 | 14:00 utc
Professional practices for artists: Writing a Press Release

Workshop by Victoria Manganiello
Participation fee: 10 euro

In this seminar style workshop, we will discuss the best practices for writing a professional press release for an art exhibition, performance or project. We will look at precedents from famous institutions as well as lesser known spaces. Participants will have the chance to ask questions about writing about art more generally as well. And we will discuss tactics for where, to who and how to share your press release. We will focus on writing in english but the practices are universal!

15 & 22 October

A 2-part participatory workshop by Antonia Dimitrova designed for artists from all disciplines, nurturing sensitivity to enrich personal practice, through layering different art forms

Participation fee: 24 euro

The art of our story begins with your heart.
What do you need? Where do you and your work belong? . . .
By layering words, images, gestures and movements into one process, we heighten our awareness of what is present and we stretch our imagination for what is possible - personally and collectively. Authentic awareness is a practice of sensitivity. In practicing sensitivity and letting go of outcomes, we make room for unknown narratives to unfold, we invite patterns to surface, we allow the negative space to take shape. It’s not therapy, but may be therapeutic. . . . Many experiences. Parallel narratives. One story.

15th October  16:30 UTC
What’s present in your story? What’s present in mine?  
22nd October  16:30 UTC
What is possible in our story?

27th July & 3rd, 10th august 2020
Productive Artist Process

Course in three parts by Ida Sophia
Participation fee: 60 euro

The productive artistic process is a course on ideas, tools, methods and processes for artists seeking to reset their career journey and studio practice.

27th July  12:00 UTC
Session One  
3rd August  12:00 UTC
Session Two
10th August  12:00 UTC
Session Three

23rd & 30th November 2020
Participate Participatory Participation

Course in two parts by Ida Sophia
Participation fee: 60 euro

Understand artistic and academic methodologies on Participatory practice. Test and adapt a single idea under different participatory category conditions. Investigate how different approaches can communicate and interpret idea.
In a world where participating in art looks very different than it did last year, how can we continue to create meaningful and intimate encounters?
Taught by Australian Artist, Ida Sophia, this course offers an in depth look into the history of participatory practise and fosters an interrogation of what it can look like today.
Students are encouraged to view their current art practice through this lens in order to find new perspectives and approaches. This process is engineered to provoke new thoughts and strategies for how their work is interacted with.

23rd November  11:00 UTC
Session One  
30th November  11:00 UTC
Session Two
Bimbi Larraburu
Bimbi Larraburu@bimbilarraburu
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"The on line residency was a trigger for develop my project during lock down. I was in contact with other artist, taking very interesting workshops and working all together in our studios during the co working sessions. It was like a residency travel but at my home"
Siddharth Pathak
Siddharth Pathak@artistheantidote
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"World of Co online is a unique online arts residency in the sense that they design a brilliant curriculum/schedule of events and workshops for all the participants and make it a point to bring in artists from several different disciplines around the world. While making a safe and nurturing space for the artists, they also encourage and facilitate opportunities for collaboration and meaningful exchange. The team at WOC is well networked and well read as well as connected, genuine and humble - all in all making the WOC online experience a well rounded time of learning, growth and development for artists from all career stages."
Javier Zamora
Javier Zamora @jzamoravaldes
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"The experience in the Online Residency was very beneficial.It allowed me to interact with other artists of various manifestations and worldviews. The open studios that we shared in the midst of the isolation and the follow-up provided by the organizing team, as well as their accurate recommendations, were very valuable. I found a new way to create and couple my work with someone else, in search of a common language. New doors are open to paths that I hope we can continue to travel together, even in the distance. A hug for all of you."
Reenie Charriere
Reenie Charriere@reenie_c
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"The online residency gave me hope, a chance to communicate across the globe, and get to know and work with other artists in surprising ways. Stella, Lidya, and Daniel were generous and caring as we exchanged ideas and critical thinking. It also gave me dreams to visit Sofia in the future."
Mariana Guerrero
Mariana Guerrero
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" In a year where isolation and virtuality cut through all areas, finding an artist residency online was a huge inspiration for me. I had the opportunity to travel from my own studio and the joy of working with artists from other parts of the world. I am very grateful to WOC for providing me with new tools that allowed me to expand my creative and professional process."
Sandra Marinescu
Sandra Marinescu @
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"The online residency gave me a chance to get to know the work of other artists and their amazing creative process. The open studios that we shared during the pandemic isolation was a very rich experience. The follow-up and the comments given to us by Stella, Lydia, Daniel, Antonia and Ida were very valuable. I’m very grateful for being part of this residency and will recomend it to other artists."

Тhe Lecturers

Ida Sophia

Performance Artist, Australia

With a practice focused on time-based durational works, sculpture, installation and sound, Ida Sophia weaves the idea of 'Momento Mori' (Remember that you shall die) through her works. Ida uses this narrative to investigate experiences of grief and loss, offering rituals for recovery and renewal through acts of weighted process.
Ida lives and works in Adelaide, Australia.


Victoria Manganiello

Textile Artist, USA

Victoria Manganiello has been featured in Hyperallergic, The New York Times, Boulin ArtInfo, Forbes, and Architectural Digest, among others. Victoria has received multiple international, recognized grants, commissions, and residency appointments including from World of Co, Wave Farm, S&R Foundation, Center for Craft, The Wallstreet Journal, Harvest Works, Silver Art Projects, and AIR Gallery. She has exhibited her work internationally including in Romania, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Croatia, and Italy and throughout the USA including at the Tang Museum, Museum of Art and Design, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, The Armory Center, and the Queens Museum. She is also an adjunct professor at NYU and Parson's the New School. Exploring the intersections between materiality, technology, geography, and storytelling, Victoria's multi-disciplinary and installation work, abstract paintings, and kinetic sculptures are made meticulously with hand-woven textiles using hand-spun yarn and hand-mixed natural and synthetic color dyes alongside mechanical alternatives and modern technologies.

Antonia Dimitrova

Interdisciplinary visual artist, Bulgaria/USA

Antonia Dimitrova is a Bulgarian-American interdisciplinary artist who explores what it means to live life to the fullest in the tension of being present to what is, while on the way to something unknown. She creates drawings, monotypes and monoprints that map her process of layering images, words, memories and movement to uncover new layers of meaning. Her work is part of the Wheaton College Permanent Collection as well as private collections in Bulgaria, Spain, Argentina and the United States. Antonia is passionate about building connections between Bulgarian and American artists and creating spaces that nurture rhythms of personal and collective renewal through artistic practice. She holds a B.A. in Printmaking and Art History from Wheaton College, in Massachusetts, a certificate in Intermodal Expressive Arts from the Expressive Arts Florida Institute in Sarasota, Florida and is completing an M.A. in Arts and Conflict Transformation at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. Antonia currently lives and works seasonally between Bulgaria and the USA.

Zara Monet Feeney

Visual Artist, USA

Zära Monet Feeney is a gallery and museum curator and exhibiting artist and also a university professor. Her most recent curatorial projects include Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard and the Montalbán Gallery, Hollywood. She has a Bachelors of Art from University of California, Los Angeles and a Master of Fine Arts from Laguna College of Art and Design. She is thrilled to join World of Co Residency, Bulgaria as a Guest Lecturer.

In her own work, Feeney's paintings are published in Huffington Post, Manifest, Juxtapoz, Beautiful Bizarre, Young-Space, Uproxx, Art in America, and Circle Art periodicals. She has been awarded 14 solo shows and 37 selected group exhibitions in the past 5 years, including Museum of Art and History:CEDAR- Lancaster, Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard, Brea Art Gallery, CES Contemporary Gallery, 101 Exhibit Gallery, CMAY Gallery, Mash Gallery, CAP Gallery, Eastern Projects Gallery and Torrance Art Museum. Her credentials also include numerous national and international art residencies and first place honors at juried group exhibitions. She recently placed first (out of over 1,000 applicants) in the state-wide juried painting competition, Made in California. She also recently placed first in the Los Angeles juried competition with LA Artcore Gallery (out of over 700 applicants). She works as a college professor at Moorpark College and California State University, Northridge. Her art studio is based in Los Angeles.

Ralitsa Kamenova

Film Editor & Photographer, Bulgaria

Ralitsa Kamenova is a Bulgarian film editor and photographer. In her work, Ralitsa is always interested in documenting what surrounds us and likes to explore controversial stories in conversation with the audience. She has edited short films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials.


Martin Penev

Visual Artist, Bulgaria

In my practice as an artist I have been involved in various genres - performing arts, dance, media arts, object, installation. As a result, I have extensive experience in various artistic situations, my approach allows for multiplicity, which can be seen in my works. Despite the diversity, a unifying characteristic can be traced - my psychological and anthropological interest in man.

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