Multidisciplinary International Artist Residency program in Sofia, Bulgaria

World of Co Artist Residency (WoC) is the first all-year round international artist residency program in Bulgaria. The initiative started in 2017 with the mission to create space for artistic exploration and to introduce international artists to the cultural life of Sofia. So far we welcomed more than 95 artists from all around the world, working in art, film, literature, fashion and other creative disciplines.


Open for emerging and established artists, from all around the world. The language of instructions is English.


World of Co is a multidisciplinary residency - our doors are open for all kind of creative people.


The duration of the Residency is between 2 months. Every program starts from 5th day of the first month of the residency and ends on approx. 30th day of the final month.


+ Private room and desk in shared studio space in the AiR apartment, in the hearth of Sofia
+ Providing discussion about your artistic work with bulgarian artist
+ Providing technical and research support in the implementation of the artists’ projects
+ Connecting with the local artists through organized studio visits
+ Curated open studio or group exhibition at the end of the stay
+ Presenting and promoting the artists and their projects produced during the residency through World of Co network, website and social media

+ Group meetings throughout the residency:
    First group meeting: Artist talks and goals for residence
    Group sharing discussions on progress/issues/problem solving
+ Gallery show organization, artist statements, bios, invites, set up
+ Building an effective online presence for artists - tips and advises
+ Learning the basics of Bulgarian language with World of Co team
+ Welcome pack and Q&A on-boarding session - practical information about your life in Sofia
+ Selected list with independent art spaces, institutional art galleries and museums, art supply stores, print shops, hardware shops, bars, restaurants in Sofia
+ Curated list of art and culture events happening in Sofia during your stay
+ Bulgarian SIM card & Cleaning service

Living and working in the beautiful AiR apartment in the city center of Sofia, participating artists dive into friendly, comfortable but experimental atmosphere. By bringing together different areas of practice, WoC generates new artistic processes and fosters creative energy. The Residency is designed for artists at all stages of their careers interested in experimenting with new techniques, developing new work, or focusing on research.
The end of the residency will be celebrated by showcasing the projects in a group exhibition.



World of Co AiR apartment and studio ‘’Concept’’ is situated in a 1895-residential building, at a lively main street in the city center of Sofia. Within walking distance are numerous art spaces, galleries, museums, cafes, restaurants, bars, grocery and hardware stores. “Concept” is 140m² apartment with three fully furnished individual bedrooms with bathroom, fully-equipped kitchen with utensils, oven, microwave, coffee machine, toster, fridge, laundry machine. The apartment is also equipped with iron, hairdryers and laundry hangers.
The shared studio space is bright shared open space, part of the same apartment, equipped with working tables, chairs, lamps, including Wi-Fi and all utilities (water, heating, electricity).


Each residency session is two months. If you decide to stay longer, please state it in you application form.

  • January - February 2020
  • March - April 2020
  • May - June 2020
*Please note: The residency month starts on the 5th  day of the first month of the residency and ends on approx. 30th day of the final month, to allow for cleaning and preparation of the rooms for the next participants. 


Program with accommodation in AiR apartment CONCEPT: 850 EUR per month 

Residency program without provided accommodation: 480 EUR per month

*If you are collective or creative duo, please contact us at



Bulgaria is a country in Eastern Europe, with a rich cultural history and blooming contemporary art scene worth to be discovered. Моreover the entangled Orthodox and pre-Christian beliefs and rituals, make it interesting for learning symbols and mythology. The mixture of different influences – Thracian, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Soviet and European, is still visible in the urban structures, architecture, culture, and traditions. As a country in the heart of Balkans it is a great starting point for discovering the neighboring countries.



Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, a dynamic city with an interesting mixture of Eastern and Western architecture, culture and lifestyle. It is a city with a rich history and friendly vibes. You can explore its eclectic nature through visiting the archeological sites located in the city center next to monumental communist architecture, the Ottoman urban structures and the gentrification of various areas. Within the essence of Sofia, you can capture many artsy side streets and laneways, public spaces where young people gather, as well as local indoor and outdoor markets. Meeting locals, visiting art events in unique spaces, accompanied by the great food and drinks, will make you remember your stay in Sofia.


Bulgaria is an interesting destination where you can discover its’ rich and diverse nature. Whereas it is hiking in the forests and mountains, swimming in the Black Sea or just enjoying the scenic landscapes, you will immediately experience the unique forces of the Bulgarian nature, which will purify and harmonize your mind, consciousness, and spirit. Despite the decrease in population within the Bulgarian villages, they remain the best examples of Bulgarian history. The calm atmosphere mostly stripped of artifice and large tourist groups, are almost essential to visit in order to discover our culture and understand our past. You will witness the local traditions and craft techniques, preserved by the local people. The unique treasure of authentic knowledge and techniques will introduce you to a new world of creative inspiration.