Because of the current situation, WOC is temporarily canceling the physical residency, until everything get more stable. Meanwhile, you can join the Residency Program in our Online Version.

WORLD OF CO International artist residency in Eastern Europe


World of Co Artist Residency offers friendly, supportive and stimulating atmosphere to international and Bulgarian artists, curators, researchers and art managers. The residency enables to develop an ongoing research, to work on art projects and discover the city and the artistic scene of Bulgaria. By creating opportunities for meetings, the program initiates environment for exchanges and discussions to foster common experiments between people and venues from various disciplinary fields. During the residency, the artists usually focus on research, experiments, production, learning new skills, critical discourse, networking, collaboration.

Living in a beautiful apartment in the city center, meeting locals, visiting art events in unique spaces, enjoying wonderful views accompanied by the great food and drinks, will make you remember your stay in Sofia.



• Private room in AiR apartment in the city center of Sofia

• Dedicated desk in the shared studio space

• Included cleaning service


• Providing technical and research support in the implementation of the artists’ projects

• Presenting and promoting the artists and their projects produced during the residency through World of Co network, website and social media

• Welcome pack and Q&A on-boarding session - practical information about your life in Sofia

• Selected list with independent art spaces, institutional art galleries and museums, art supply stores, print shops, hardware shops, bars, restaurants in Sofia

• Curated list of art and culture events happening in Sofia during your stay

• Bulgarian SIM card


• Guided cultural program with specially selected meetings and artists’ visits

• Insights into artistic research - Series of sessions

• Building an effective online presence as artist: tips and advises - Moderated discussion

• Group meetings throughout the residency: Group meetings - artists’ talks and goals for the residency. Shared discussions on progress, issues, project stages and etc.

• Learning the basics of Bulgarian language with World of Co team

• Workshops in traditional crafts or other can be organized (Optional - not included in the residency fee)


• Curated group exhibition / open studio at the end of the residency session

• Gallery show organization and coordination, artist statements, bios, invites, set up

• Selection of gallery, art or alternative space for the exhibition


Live & Create

The AiR space CONCEPT is a spacious apartment that occupies the entire floor of a historic residential building from 1895, surviving both World Wars. Despite the fact that the whole space is renovated, some of the details in the interior are preserved and person still can immerse in the days of the Kingdom of Bulgaria.
The apartment includes three fully furnished individual bedrooms with bed, nightstand, clothes rack and desk, additional to the one in the studio, where the artists can also create, when they need some privacy. The studio is part of the same apartment - bright open shared space, equipped with big working desks, with comfortable chairs, lamps, easels. Except the private bedrooms, everything else is shared with your future fellows - bathroom, balcony, fully equipped kithchen (with utensils, oven, microwave, coffee machine, toaster, fridge, washing machine).
The residents have access to fast Wi-Fi connection, art and travel books, some English novels, catalogs of previous residents and Bulgarian artists. Some basic tools as hammer, screwdriver, level, scissors, pliers, but also wire, tape, glue, paper and some painting materials, donated by previous artists are at your disposal as well.


Because of the current situation, WOC is temporarily canceling the physical residency, until everything get more stable. Meanwhile, you can join the Residency Rrogram in our Online Version.


CONCEPT is located on a lively main street in the city center of the capital, where most of the galleries, art spaces and museums are in walking distance. So within a few minutes, you can attend almost every event, part of curated by our team monthly Art & culture calendar. Along with artistic and cultural spaces, there are numerous places for the free time like cafes, bars, restaurants, bakeries and etc. In case you need some art supplies for your project, there also close enough to reach by walking.


Sofia [София] as the capital of Bulgaria is a dynamic city with vivid art scene, a lot of parks to chill and urban treasures, so you always have something new to explore. The city represents a striking and interesting mixture of Eastern and Western manners, culture and lifestyle. It is a place with friendly vibes and rich history. You can dive into the eclectic nature through discovering brutalist Communist architecture, the Ottoman urban structures, archeological sites but also modern districts. But the soul of Sofia are the artsy side streets and alleys, public spaces where young people gather, as well as local outdoor food, books and flea markets.


Bulgaria is Eastern European country with a rich history, located in the heart of the Balkan peninsula. The mixture of influences – Thracian, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Soviet and European, is still visible in the urban structures, architecture, culture, and traditions. The entangled pagan and Orthodox beliefs and rituals, provoke the curiosity to learn more about the symbols and myths. The local visual culture, graphic design, Cyrillic alphabet-script and its typography are another aspects that trigger artists’ creativity.

The country is fascinating destination where you can discover the diversity and beauty of Bulgaria’s natural landscape. Whereas it is hiking and appreciating the scenic landscapes in the mountains, swimming in the Black Sea or enjoying the hot mineral springs, you will immediately experience the unique forces of the Bulgarian nature, which will purify and harmonize your mind, consciousness, and spirit. Despite the decrease in population in the villages, they remain the best examples of authentic culture and traditions. The calm atmosphere in the villages far away from tourist groups, is essential to be experienced and to understand our roots and past. You will witness the traditions and craft techniques, preserved by the local people. The unique treasure of authentic atmosphere and knowledge, will introduce you to a new world of creative inspiration.

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