Workshop: Participatory Art

With Ida Sophia
Working sessions are for those interested in exploring different ways technology can integrate into an art practice.


120 minutes 



120 €

About the workshop?

Create socially engaged, powerful and enriching situations through this deep dive into participatory art. Beginning with a lecture and moving through active exercises, you will leave with the skills and knowledge to design and create meaningful participatory art.

Who is it for?

Artists, performers, dancers, actors, people working with communities, event planners working in arts & culture, Arts administrators who want to engage in deeply meaningful and creative ways.

Although Ida comes to participatory art from a performance background, her experience in participatory sculpture and painting in the expanded field makes this an essential workshop.

The audience automatically becomes a participant when standing before a work of art, or when they enter into a created situation.

What to Expect

Beginning with a lecture on participatory art, Ida will speak about the different categories of participatory art and the artists and artworks that have come before you. This workshop will then engage in a series of exercises. The social, economic, and political ideas of participants will be explored. Power relationships are discussed, as well as safety in practice. Students will benefit from learning take-home processes they can apply in the future to design, create and produce deeply meaningful and moving works of participatory art in their communities.
    This workshop will:
  • Provide frameworks and tools for making different kinds of participatory artworks
  • Broaden your ideas about how to consider the body in space
  • Explain the power dynamics that exist in artist/participant relationships
  • Ensure awareness of accessibility, inclusivity, clarity, and safety when designing the participatory situation.

About Ida Sophia

About Ida Sophia

Ida Sophia’s practice is centred on using time and the body as her primary materials. Her capacity to safely guide you through actions and process has been honed through extensive training in Europe with esteemed performance artists and institutions including the Marina Abramovic Institute, Guillermo Gomez Pena’s La Pocha Nostra Troupe, The Venince International Performance Art Week with artists Vest&Page, Joseph Morgan Schofield (The Live Art Development Agency UK) and P.A.S (Performance Art Studies) with Johannes Deiming. Ida has also taught artists with the World Of CO artist residency and mentored privately for the past two years. Ida has exhibited and performed locally and internationally and in 2021 was awarded the Centre for Creative Health Art Prize and The Adelaide Critics Circles prizes for their Emerging Artist categories. You can see Ida featured on ABC Artworks (Episode 18) and The ‘Interview with an Artist’ Podcast.

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